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Posted by Jill T. on 11/12/03 at 15:49 (137266)

Is there a cure for Planter fasciitis? How long does it take for the stretching and staying off your feet to heal the heel? I have had pf for 4 months but didn't go to the doctor(and find out that I had Pf) until 3 weeks ago. I don't walk everyday like I used to and have changed shoes. I still have to walk to get around? The pain is less but still bothers me. when can I resume my exercises? All thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jill

Re: PF

Aly on 11/12/03 at 17:27 (137280)

Hi Jill,

Unfortunately it's hard to gauge how long a person will have PF. You are still early on in your PF experience, believe it or not - it takes a long time for this to heal in many people.

I think the most important thing you need to do is wait until you've been pain free for a full month before start to EASE back into activity. If you jump in too soon and ignore your feet, you could have this for a very long time. I overdid it at month 7, and ended up having to use a wheelchair ever since (now at 1.5 years). Who knew a little foot pain could be so debilitating! So please baby your feet as you've been doing, be overly cautious, and above all be as patient as your feet dictate you need to be.

It sounds like you're on the right track so far; read the heel pain book on this site if you haven't already. Other things you might try:

Regular icing
Night Splint
Taping your foot - there's a video of how to do this on this site
Massage or ART (you can search on this site to find recent discussions on this technique - use 'A.R.T' and Active Release as your search string

the list is long - I'm sure other people will have suggestions for you.

Good luck and hang in there - it won't last forever!


Re: PF

Suzanne D. on 11/12/03 at 17:43 (137282)

Hi, Jill! I'm sorry for your pain. Many people here can relate, believe me! Aly has given you lot of great advice. I will just add that along with changing shoes, you may still need more arch support through either over-the-counter or custom orthotics. Did the doctor you saw mention that?

Also, I believe it is widely accepted that you should never go barefoot when you have PF. I didn't know that until I found this site. And some people wear sandals in the shower or use a shower stool which can be purchased at a medical supply place.

Keep reading and posting questions here. Many have found this site to be a real life-saver!

Suzanne :)

Re: PF

Ron B on 11/12/03 at 20:14 (137307)

There's lots of us here with PF.There doesn't seem to be a quick fix. it takes time. I'm going on nine months now. I have good days and terrible days. You'll find that different things work for different people. Most people ice their feet. there is several of us that can't take icing. My pod says the ice bothers the nerves in my feet. Heat feels better. I definitely think you need to get orthotics. I feel the custom made ones from your pod are the best, they are lots more money. see if Your insurance covers them. I wear rubber ones ($25.00) at work and my custom ones everywhere else. Last week I tried DMSO for three days, applying it once a day after being on my feet all night at work. didn't feel much relief. BUT today I applied it three times (1) before work (2) at lunch (3) after work. On a scale of 1-10 I had a '3' day what a relief it was. I don't know how good it is to use DMSO three times a day. I don't plan on doing it every day. But today was GREAT you'll have to try different things and see what works for you. good luck to you, and keep us posted on how your doing

Re: PF

rsk on 11/14/03 at 10:22 (137487)

I am not sure if there is a permamant cure for PF. But like Aly sais do not ignore your feet that mean eve if you have to stay off your activities for a while. I ignored it and continued my workout and it only worsened. Also go easy on stretching. My condition worsened because I used to stretch with high intensity until i found this site. you should only stetch your calf mildly. try the yoga stretching on this site. within 3 ays of trying that i see improvement. I also ice. and one more thing whe you try something pay close attention for a few days to see if it is causing anyother problem. If it does then you might wanna rething your method.

thats my 2 cents

good luck to everyone of us



Re: PF

Sher A on 11/14/03 at 11:36 (137491)

It's true Jill, there is no set time or expectation for how long it takes to get over PF. I've had it off and on since 2001 and never realized that I probably brought it on myself - by doing too much treadmill exercise at the gym. Here I tried to do something good for my heart and screwed up my feet.

So Ron, you think the DMSO helps? That's something I haven't tried yet. I'm on my way out to do chores now, and will pick up some on the way home.

Re: PF

Bud P. on 11/14/03 at 14:32 (137514)

Sher A,
I know for a fact that I did my feet in also with the treadmill. I thought I was getting such a good workout 1hr at 15% incline. Now its been over 2 years since I've been able to workout period