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Posted by RACHAEL T. on 11/12/03 at 22:21 (137322)

Ok-the jury is still out for long term opinions....but after heating & molding per instructions the SOLE orthotics, I wore them a couple of hrs. last nite & again today .... in my Brooks Ariels & in my Aiats barn/riding boots. Walking in the barn on the cement aisles, & on the uneven sawdust bedded stalls & particularly in the riding arena which is covered w/ sawdust are all terrible on my feet & have been for 2+ yrs. of pf. I have been steadily improving for the last 1/2 year particularly with less & less pain....but still doing some (not like before) ibuprofin & yet still trying to bike & ride. Well, today in these SOLE Orthotics, I have really felt 'happy feet' at the end of my day! I am hopeful that this continues & trying to be optimistic! Thus far, these orthotics are the easiest to wear, most comfy & feel more 'natural' than anything I've worn in the past few years of PF.....including my prescribed orthotics that never felt good, & even better than my Foot Management prescribed orthotics that I've been wearing of late & better than Powersteps or anything I've had thus far..... I shall post later in time -; once I see if these orthotics maintain their healing & comfort level for me! At this point, they've been worth the $!


Dorothy on 11/12/03 at 22:28 (137324)

I know nothing about SOLE orthotics. Can you and/or others talk more about them? Are they over-the-counter? Can you describe them? Where/how you obtained them? Etc.?? Thanks ~


Imogene on 11/13/03 at 00:15 (137332)

I also have Sole Orthotics and have used them for about six months now. They are wonderful and so much better than the orthotics that my podiatrists have made for me. The toll free number on the package is 1-866-235-7653. The website is http://www.itsyoursole.com . They have a 90 day ultimate fit guarantee and a two year cushioning guarantee. They cost $40 and are well worth it. You heat them in an oven at 225 degrees for about 5 minutes, then put them in your shoes and quickly step into your shoes. Then you are instructed not to move for 4 minutes while the poron sets up. I have molded and remolded mine at least ten times and I have found that they are more comfortable if I quickly lace up the shoes and walk around while the poron is still warm. These are the best investment I have made in shoe inserts.


Dorothy on 11/13/03 at 01:09 (137333)

Thank you for the great response! I will look into these and appreciate your help very much.