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For Dorothy - Cretan food

Posted by Julie on 11/13/03 at 02:03 (137341)


A few days ago you asked me about Cretan food and yoga, and I posted a long (probably interminable) response about these two topics that are so near to my heart. You said you were opening an interesting discussion (I think that's what you said) and I was pleased, but I haven't seen anything from you since.

There have been about two million posts since then, mostly about cheese, so perhaps you missed that one of mine (I can't even find it myself now). It doesn't matter - but I didn't want you to think that I had ignored your questions.

Re: For Dorothy - Cretan food

Dorothy on 11/13/03 at 02:21 (137343)

Julie ~
No, your post was not interminable; it was delightful. I am sorry you missed my response, but I am re-posting it here: (First, let me add this - I didn't mean a literal vacation to Crete, but a nice imaginary one - until and unless I can ever manage the real thing; second, are you familiar with Svaroopa yoga - the Rama Berch taught 'style'. Master Yoga Academy in LaJolla (www.mya.com -- I think) gives info about it, although the actual studio has either closed or moved in the past year or so; I think the website is still going and Rama Berch still teaches and trains teachers.) Now -for that other post -

Posted by Dorothy on 11/11/03 at 16:46

Thanks, Julie - I will look for the Psilakis book, as I am also a nut for cookbooks. Your description of the Crete experiences is wonderful.

Yoga - I don't know Bihar but will look into it and likewise for Donna Farhi's books. We also like Kripalu. I have been practicing since the 1970s on and off, but in most recent years with more consistency and actual practice. My husband really surprised me when he agreed to give it a try a couple of years ago - and really likes it. After all these years.... Change keeps happening!

You are so right about the studies that find the Cretan diet to be the best in the world, as part of the Mediterranean diet in general, and also the traditional diet of the people of Okinawa. Both islands...interesting.
Thanks again - I plan to re-read your post here for a little vacation to Crete.

Re: For Dorothy - Cretan food

Julie on 11/13/03 at 02:47 (137345)

Oh good, Dorothy. So it wasn't you who missed my post, it was me yours - not surprising, with all that interspersed cheese. Thanks for re-posting it (but what are you doing up at 2am - or are you on the west coast?)

I don't know about Svaroopa Yoga but will look at the website with interest. For stuff about the Bihar School this is a good site:


There are several links - the first describes the style of yoga that is taught. It's nice that your husband has joined you on the path - yes, change keeps happening!

Donna Farhi's books are The Breathing Book and Yoga: Mind, Body and Spirit. They're both excellent - I especially love The Breathing Book.

I'm glad you liked my Cretan effusions. I could go on about Crete forever if you let me. You could have a look, if you fancy another imaginary journey, at http://www.explorecrete.com/newtours/julief/loutro.html

Now I must get on with my day and you must get on with your night. Sleep well.

Re: Dodgy link

Julie on 11/13/03 at 02:55 (137346)

Sorry, Dorothy - the link for the Bihar School didn't work. Try this:


Re: Dodgy link

Julie on 11/13/03 at 02:58 (137347)

That didn't work either. I don't know why: I copied it from the site itself. Do what I did and search Google for Bihar School of Yoga. The site I'm trying to direct you to is the fourth one down, slightly indented, headed 'Yoga Magazine...about Satyananda Yoga'. Click and you will be magically transported there instead of to foot exercises.