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Q for Richard

Posted by kelly on 11/13/03 at 04:41 (137349)


I have dynaStep inserts and they give me more relief than my leather custom made orthotics. Is this unusual?

Thanks very much

Re: Q for Richard

Mike C.Ped/master bootfitter on 11/13/03 at 12:50 (137395)

Hi Kelly,
I am not big on leather on orthotics. If the orthosis was not made properly, then yes, I can see the dynastep providing decent cushion. Cushion is all you are getting though. You do not get proper biomechanical alignment with an off the shelf insert.

Re: Follow up.................

Richard, C.Ped on 11/13/03 at 13:06 (137401)

Mike used my computer to answer a ski boot question, and I forgot to change out names back....so it was me (Richard) who answered your question...haha

Re: Richard, about leather orthosis?

kelly on 11/13/03 at 15:05 (137411)

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your help. My leather orthotics have a tear in them and my pod built them up. How long are leather orthotics good for?

Thanks again. Your help is greatly appreciated!


Re: Richard, about leather orthosis?

Carole C in NOLA on 11/20/03 at 08:48 (138051)

Kelly, Richard's wife just gave birth to their second child shortly after your post (there's a photo of the baby on the social board). He will probably get back to your question once he comes down from 'cloud nine', and does some of the bonding with baby and so on that new parents do. Just wanted to let you know. :)

Carole C