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Hi im currently suffering

Posted by Michael S on 11/13/03 at 08:07 (137362)

from tts,the question i had in mind is can you suffer tts from pf surgery,
what i mean is that i served in the armed forces & they never did sufficient tests on me,& they immidietly assumed i had pf & they opperated on both my feet,when i woke up i was in excruciating pain worse
than when i had the op.Know they they are saying that it is a very common thing that due to the pf op you can suffer tts,know the problem is that im quite optemistic,things do go wrong in ops but to suffer tts on both feet after a pf surgery i my self find it very difficult to belive, not only that my arches have collapsed which is makeing matters worse.Im currently on morphine sulphate 30mg daily & on diazepm 20mg daily to im only 27 years old & was a very active person theirs nothing i do that doesnt involve pain been like this for 4 years now,all i want to if you or anyone out there can acctualy tell me that you if its that common to suffer tts from pf surgery on both feet.:-/

Thanx a million for reading this,hope to hear from someone soon please.