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Posted by Rachael T. on 11/13/03 at 11:32 (137381)

I saw SOLE on this site; & then researched SOLE at their website online....there, I did a 'store search' to find one locally that carried them....finding only 2 around here.....1 being 40 min. away & the other being 2-1/2 hrs. away. I hit the 40 min. away store & bought them - & again, today, they feel gooooood! I am glad I took another risk in trying to heal & find a better, more suitable orthosis for myself. I DO think PF is a 'hands on' injury & that you must have a very communicative dr. who is a good 'listener' or you must consider trying things for yourself.....that is my opinion only.


Suzanne D. on 11/13/03 at 21:14 (137449)

Hi, Rachael! I'm so glad to read of your continued progress and now these new SOLE orthotics which seem to be so good for you.

I have a question about them, if you don't mind. I looked at the website you provided and am interested. The idea of heating them to suit my foot seems sound. Right now I am going through a little PF 'slump' with more pain again in my 'bad' foot especially, and so the search still continues for something which would help even more...

How is the sizing? Is it pretty standard to regular shoe sizes? I wear an 11 in SAS shoes, but once I ordered some inserts which were supposed to be 11 women's, and they were about 3/4 inch shorter than my feet.

Also, are they the type inserts which can be trimmed with scissors at the toe end if they are too long? If so, I might just order the next size to be sure they are long enough.

Thanks for any help you can give me! And I wish you continued good luck with your new orthotics!

Suzanne :)


Dorothy on 11/13/03 at 21:42 (137456)

Suzanne ~
I, too, have been having a worse time lately with the feet - and ankles and calves! Who told the fates I wanted EXPANSION of this nonsense!
Well, anyway, at one point based on your comments, I ordered the SuperFeet. Not being entirely sure which version I should get, I got a green version. Tonight after increasing difficulties of late I've been hurting a good bit and so I put those greens in my SAS shoes and they feel pretty good. Better than earlier. Any little bit of improved relief is always welcome, eh?
I am thinking of trying the SOLE insoles, too. I think I have now purchased almost all of the most well-reviewed 'stuff' on these message boards and my wallet is starting to really complain to my feet about the fiscal state of affairs. My house is looking like a little Foot Store and all I want to is to move freely in the world, on my own two feet. Well, my whining is ending now. I am sorry you are having some trouble and I do hope the SOLE will be a good help to you. You may get into them before I do so I'll be glad to hear your views.


RACHAEL T. on 11/14/03 at 11:50 (137494)

Hi Suzanne--Yes, I am still wearing the Soles in my Brooks presently - although, I will say that today around noonish I had some discomfort or minor pain which was in ball of foot & mainly it felt like my fascia was 'moving around' too much - like it was rubbery. Yes, I got nervous knowing where a minor pain can lead me in this PF Trip!! But, I downed 1-400mg. Ibup & moved on & that helped. I shall continue to wear these SOLE orth. with hope that they will spur (no pun intended) my healing as I think sometimes, my hard orth. are just too hard - & yet, wearing these softer orth., are probably the thing that is making my fascia move around too much -thus, causing my present discomfort. But, maybe my fascia needs to 'move around' on its own & gain its own strength??? I don't know. But, I shall continue this 'umpteenth foot experiment' with hope that it leads me to a better level. I am sorry I am chatting so much; must be the coffee - but I did want to be explicit! And, I also want to ans. your questions....I ordered a size 8 (my size) & yes, in my Brooks, I think they are a bit (maybe 1/4' short at toe) & yes, they could be cut - prob. not with regular scissors, but with a utility knife or shop nippers. They 'feel' similar to Powersteps - but yet more shapely & have a more aggressive arch. They are guaranteed for 90 days return if you don't like them; & also a 2 yr. guarantee so that they don't bottom out....which is my concern...I hope they stay in shape; although, if they work - really work - a few extra pairs will be no problem with any of us I am sure! We all want to be normal walkers again & that is why we keep searching!! I agree with Dorothy - we each have a 'little foot store' in some box in our closet & yes, it does get costly! I shall continue to post any further opinion of them as I continue to 'test' them! Good luck!


Suzanne D. on 11/14/03 at 15:23 (137522)

Thanks for your reply, Rachel! Sometimes I wonder if the latest new thing that we try is what helps or if it is the fact that we make a change and that in itself helps. Do you know what I mean?

Ever since we came back to school in mid-October after our fall break, my feet have been worse. I kept thinking, 'Well, I'm just not used to these hard floors after being out of school 2 weeks.' Then later it was, 'The weather is changing so much right now.' Who knows?

But last night I went to the drugstore and bought a stretchy gauze-type wrap which has a pocket in which to put a little pouch that heats up when opened. It doesn't get very warm, but it retains the heat for 8 hours. The product was advertised for use on the elbow, the knee, the ankle, etc. So I wrapped it around my worst foot when I went to bed, and it felt good and was still a little warm when I got up this morning.

Then I taped both feet and wore thick socks and my Bostons (narrow) which I bought a long time ago. (If you've read on the Social Board, you know I gave away the medium pair I had.) I hadn't worn them in some time, but today they felt good. Now maybe it was the heat, the taping, or just the change with the Bostons. But my arch is not hurting like it did yesterday, so I am thankful for that.

Thanks, and keep us informed on your experience!
Suzanne :)


Suzanne D. on 11/14/03 at 15:32 (137524)

Hi, Dorothy! I got the green Superfeet, too, and I think that is the one that professionals have recommended on this site in the past. The combination of those in my SAS Free Time shoes has worked well for me, but - like you - I have been going downhill some lately as far as pain in my feet. Particularly my left foot - the worst one - has been hurting fairly consistently in the arch area. My knees have been hurting, too, so I guess I am expanding my troubles as well! #-o

I'm still thinking of ordering the SOLE inserts. I'll let you know. In the meantime, you can read what I wrote to Rachael as to what I tried today.

Take care, and I hope your feet feel better this weekend!
Suzanne :)


RACHAEL T. on 11/14/03 at 21:26 (137560)

I am glad your 'change' into the Bostons did the trick for you now. I hope it continues.....Bostons are my 'faithfuls' that I put on when I am having a setback-as I wore them always when I was really, really bad last year or 2! The Soles to me seem a little 'less agressive' than my prescribed orthotics...I worry if that is good or not....but, only trying & testing them can tell me for sure. So, I go on w/ this little 'test/experiment' & hope that will as I said before - take me to a better healing level. Do you ever get that 'rubbery, loose, fascia feeling - like it is moving around too much' - as I explained in a prior post? That is what happened after this morning & that is what caused me to take 1 Ibuprofin.....& fortunately, that did the trick & I went thru a fun action day! I biked & I spent time in the barn too. Tomorrow is another test day - I shall post as time elapses on my long term opinion. In the meantime, let me know what you think when you get yours. I will add---When standing in my 'heated' SOLES to form them, I didn't bear down 'totally' - I kept a little 'arch up' as I know that is what I needed still...thus far, that seems to be working.


BevN. on 11/16/03 at 10:19 (137639)

Suzanne D.,

What I ordered from the FootSmart catalog for my superbad arch pain was the Arch Brace and also the FABS . I would alternate them as to how bad the pain was in the arches and they really did help me as I had superbad arch pain for so long . Being on your feet all day as you are running after lots of little ones makes my feet hurt just thinking of it :)
I hope you find help for those footsies soon:) Bev


RACHAEL T. on 11/16/03 at 22:42 (137680)

Suzanne D. & others -- The jury is still out on the SOLE orthotics, BUT I must say that today, Sunday - was a painy day for my feet. It started yesterday & then, again today - I am wondering if the 'comfy' of the SOLEs are just not offering me enough support for my PF. I write this now - to advise you if you get the SOLEs - when 'creating' them - you should maybe not bear down (if that is possible) to lessen their arch support. I think the maximum arch would be more beneficial....I 're-baked' mine today & tried to reposition the arches more UP to acquire more support.....but, I don't think they will hold in that UP position, w/o going down after strenuous usage....just my thoughts presently. And, I am not a big woman - but my activities may 'weigh' on them. Soooo, I continue to test - but wanted to advise you so you would be more aware. The ? I ask myself tonight is do I test them once again tomorrow or resort back to my other orthotics.....I shall answer that question tomorrow! (-;


Dorothy on 11/16/03 at 23:34 (137685)

Rachel T. ~ It is so thoughtful of you to keep us updated as you are the 'scout' for us in these 'experiments.' I hope it's just an off day and that tomorrow is better. We are all always trying to find that right combination. Keep on keeping us posted. Best wishes ~


Carole C in NOLA on 11/20/03 at 08:57 (138053)


Do they tell you to stand on the heated soles to form them? I have read that when casts are done for custom orthotics, it's best to sit and have them cast while the foot is in neutral and there isn't a lot of pressure bearing down. When a person is standing, the arches flatten down further than when the person is sitting, I suppose.

Just an idea, given what you've been reporting...

Carole C


Aly R. on 11/20/03 at 14:47 (138114)

Hope you don't mind me hopping in here - I wondered that too, so I asked that question of Dr. Wander; he said that they are sturdy enough that they won't flatten out when you're standing on them, so they still offer good arch support.

I think I should finally get mine tonight - FedEx ground took a long time this time!...



RACHAEL T. on 11/20/03 at 17:47 (138149)

Good Luck Aly! I am hopeful that the Soles work great for you. I wish they would for me; but I guess my 1 foot needs more 'control'....but in time, I am sure they will feel good on 'the right day' when my foot needs rested from firmer, more rigid orthotics. Keep me posted on your SOLE wear & result. I, too, will continue to update you on my wear of them when that next time may be.