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Chronic foot pain.

Posted by Danny S. on 11/14/03 at 15:59 (137527)

Hello, 11 years ago my foot was damaged by a 6000 lb pallet jack and I have been suffering since then. I have been diagnosed with Mortons neuroma, I had a very large chunk of bone removed from my ankle in July, and in May I had shockwave therapy for my Plantar Fasciitus. Unfortunately my foot pain is worse now than it was before I had the procedures done. (I have also had several cortisone injections). My doctor says I will probably have to get the plantar fascia operated on and possibly the neuroma. I'm a little reluctant to get more surgery since the previous two procedures haven't exactly worked as planned. I'm only able to stand for about a half hour at a time, even less if it's on concrete. Do you think surgery is the answer or should I just live with the pain. I take 4 Vicodin and 4 Ultram daily for my 10 year old back injury and that doesn't do anything for my foot pain. Some doctors think some of my foot pain could be coming from my facet syndrome, and others believe the foot problem is causing the back problem. Needless to say, after suffering from chronic pain for 11 years, I'm at my wits end. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Danny S.

Re: http://xsorbit2.com/users/footchat/

additional resources on 11/14/03 at 19:29 (137553)

Some additional resources may be found there.

Re: Chronic foot pain.

john k on 11/15/03 at 14:44 (137589)


I can understand your reticense to get more sugery. I have had two sugeries and am no better off now than before. Every surgery carries risks and it is something to think about. Where ever they cut you will have more scar tissue.

The thing is what are the chances of being worse off after the surgery? This is something many doctors and patients really don't consider because they badly want there old life back.

The chronic pain is something that is not well addressed by pods and orthopods. Have you been to a pain management doctor? I too have chronic pain and I feel the medical profession let me down in a big way. I lost my job over it and now am on permanent disability.

Some injuries just don't get better and you are alwayws left with residual pain and disability. I would get second opinions about any surgical procedure.