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nerve problem following surgery

Posted by lee on 11/15/03 at 20:26 (137621)

A little over four weeks ago I had surgery to repair damage from an old fracture of my talas. Following the surgery I was put into a hard cast. I noticed that my baby toe and the lateral top edge of my foot was numb. After a couple of weeks a pins-and-needles tingling started in that lateral area which gradually became more and more intense. My doctor thought it could be sural nerve impingement that might be inflamatory and wanted me to try nsaids to see if it would help. When it didn't he decided to remove the cast. This seemed to help at first but the painful tingling is now worse with really unpleasant electric shock sensations thrown in. All the doc can say is that it could go away or could last forever. He wasn't forthcoming with any more information than that.

What I'd like to know is if its too soon following surgery to be so alarmed? What specifically can be done to help make it better? Is it best to get on it sooner rather than later? I like to have as much information as possible so I will have something to take to my doctor so we might formulate a plan.

I have quite a history of foot problems so this new development is really scaring me. I really appreciate the help!

Re: nerve problem following surgery

Dr. Z on 11/15/03 at 20:35 (137623)

If you doctor doesn't have a plan. Tell him or her your fears. Maybe get a second opinion if you aren't satisfied with his explantion