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Thanks to all re: I AM SCARED TO DEATH

Posted by Robin R on 11/16/03 at 08:19 (137635)

Thanks to all that responded to my message....I am sorry that it took me so long to thank u all....I had the surgery done on Nov. 10th and today it is 6 days post op.....I went ahead and had both done at once and now I am regretting that decision....I have been on the couch since the surgery with a port a pot next to me....my husband has been home with me but has to return to work Monday....not sure what I will do without him....Not able to put any pressure at all on the right foot....the left does not feel that bad but the right is killing me....I have the 'fancy shoes' but Not sure when I will get a chance to wear them....I have to go to the doctor Monday for a dressing change .....also the inserted narcaine drips in both of my heels after surgery to keep them numb for a couple of days....I feel that helped alot and wish they could figure out a way to keep refilling these....

Re: Thanks to all re: I AM SCARED TO DEATH

Lari S. on 11/16/03 at 19:06 (137666)

I can't imagine having both feet done at the same time. I had surgery done on the left foot on 10/03, and my husband was home for the first month. That was a blessing. When he went back to work the first time, it nearly killed me just taking care of the animals. There is no way I could have taken care of a small child. I am in a walking compression boot now, but still get swelling and pains if I am on my feet too long during the day. Do you have any family or close friends near by that could help you out during the day? My doc told me recovery would be 9-12 months, and I believe him. I have PT twice a week with ultrasound and that has made a BIG difference, but I still have a long way to go.
Good luck to you,

Re: Thanks to all re: I AM SCARED TO DEATH

Rose on 11/20/03 at 21:47 (138179)

I had both feet done at once in early July. One foot was a neuroma and it was healed in 6 weeks. The PF foot is still having a hard time healing, and I am experiencing a lot of pain every time I stand up after even sitting for more than just a few mnutes. This is new within the last month. I have had no PT or anything since seeing the doctor at week 5.
I had a wheel chair for two months and the potty by my bed too. I am retired, so I had the time to rest, but I am still having pain. It was better several months ago. Maybe I am trying to do too much.
I was wondering what anybody might suggest. My surgeon told me to call anytime if I thought I was not healing fast enough or if I had any problems. He said he could refer me to PT or do a number of other things.
Do any of you think this is just normal slow healing for this release surgery, so should I call and ask for some help? Does anybody have any suggestions of things that might help????
Thanks so much