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Missing Toe Nails Replacement

Posted by Penelope H. on 11/16/03 at 17:17 (137659)

When I was younger, all of my toe nails fell off due to me bumping them around or stubbing my toes. I am 20 years old and was wondering if there is any way I can regrow my nails and somehow have toenails again? What can be done at this stage to get toenails if anything.....Please respond.

Re: Missing Toe Nails Replacement

nancy s. on 11/17/03 at 04:48 (137694)

penelope, this question has not been addressed here before, i don't think, but perhaps one of the docs will have suggestions for you.

in the meantime, i noticed this post on another site dealing with your problem:

'I have been successful in regrowing all my toenails since I started wearing proper footwear. The secret is in picking a shoe that absolutely will not let you bang your toe against the front. In my case, I wear an 11 in a street shoe and an 11 1/2 in a hiking boot. The other item to be aware of is ankle grip. Even a half size larger is no good if the tounge of the shoe lets your foot slide forward. I had to give up on low top hikers and go to mid top hikers for more resistance to forward slide. This really was the ticket to repairing my massively broken up toe nails. Notching my toenails did nothing more than give them one more weak spot to break. Keeping them short only gave me ingrown toe nails.
 [member info]'

so, many thanks for the education that the little research i did gave me, and best of success in dealing with your toenails. your post reminds me a little of a post by an anthropologist who used to be here; the post lamented 'if only we had hooves.'

best wishes to you from nancy
(not a doc)