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Another Experiment

Posted by Dorothy on 11/16/03 at 23:44 (137686)

Well, I was running a little experiment of my own last week, but abandoned it over the weekend and am undecided whether to resume it tomorrow or not. It involved taking two 200 mg. SAM-E, one B-Complex, with additional B-6 and Folic Acid every morning on an empty stomach. Then later in the day taking the other supplements that we have discussed here before ( that Kathy asked for feedback on). However, I also added some other new features to this seemingly Neverending Quest (a different pair of sneakers, different insoles, new socks) so my experiment was not pure. Last week-plus brought increased pain so I am in a little funk and am rethinking what to do. I was so hoping to get a fabulous result and keep up the experiment for a while then writing to you all to say 'Try this!! It works!' Alas....

Whatever happened to our poster here who was experimenting with barefeet and with renewed running/walking? Somebody tell us a story about running and walking and dancing, ice skating, jumping rope, step exercise, jumping for joy - tell us a lovely story about the full movement of the human body.... for I am in a funk and need to hear about a complete recovery. Have a good week, dear foot people.

Re: Another Experiment

Julie on 11/17/03 at 02:13 (137689)

Dorothy, there is hope, and there IS life after PF. I don't talk very much about my post-PF adventures here because I worry that it might make people feel sad, but you asked, so here goes.

In January 2001 I was in India, at Mamallapuram on the coast south of Madras. The beach there, along the Bay of Bengal stretches for miles and miles, wide and sandy. My PF, which had begun in August, was already improved. I'd been clomping along the beach in my hiking shoes, tired of them filling up with sand and longing to walk barefoot. So one day I did.

I just decided - I'm going to do it and I don't care about the consequences. So I took off my shoes and stuffed them in my backpack. I was on my way back to the village from visiting the Tiger Cave, one of the incredible 7th-century carved rock caves there, and I walked barefoot all the way. I think it was about five miles (not sure about the precise, but a long walk anyway - about two hours). It was a gorgeous day, for once not too hot, sun shining, lovely breeze, and I was in Heaven. I felt absolutely free and absolutely happy and grateful.

The next day I was fine - no consequences. Well, I was still taping at the time, and the tape was a sticky, sandy mess, but otherwise no consequences. That day was the 'end' of PF for me. Well, it wasn't quite the end physically - for about a year after that I still had twinges and the occasional small setback after long walks in Crete, but it's now two years since I've had even a twinge. But it was the end psychologically - from then on I realised I could trust my feet again, and enjoy life again without having to count every step.

So there - that's my story. It's not about dancing or ice skating (can't do either) but it's definitely about jumping for joy - that's how it felt. I hope it lifts your spirits on this grey (here) November morning.

(Oh, and I'd better say that I don't make a habit of going barefoot - it's still feet-in-the-Arizonas the moment I get out of bed. Except on the beach. There I draw the line at hiking shoes. Inconsistent? Sure, but liberating.)


Re: Another Experiment

Jen L on 11/17/03 at 10:30 (137716)

your experiment sounds very ambitious to me! Just like you, if I see something promising, I would be eager to try it now to get an immediate relief. But I would take your experiment into several parts. You may have realized this already, bu you may want to take the vitamin combination for sometime to see its effect, and then change the shoes and insoles in another time period. If I had a minor setback, I always want to waite until my feet feel 'normal',which is a relatively stable status in a chronic case of PF to try something new. It would make it easier to determine the effect of your experiment by eliminating other factors.

Re: Another Experiment

Dorothy on 11/17/03 at 12:21 (137729)

It's a great story and as for me, it doesn't make me sad; it makes me happy. I enjoy your phrase 'I could trust my feet again...' because that kind of gets to the heart of it, doesn't it. And actually, in its own way, it IS about dancing and ice skating, even though it's about walking barefoot on a beach in India. Thank you, Julie.