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My experience almost two years w/PF

Posted by Oscar R on 11/17/03 at 05:55 (137696)

I am here to tell about my experience with PF. I have 30 years old. Already spent a year and 9 months away whene I went to play tennis (something that towards enough time that did not play) with a pair of new shoes (separate commentary: the cheap can be expensive in the future!!!!)

From that day that I'm with PF in my two feet. I have treated it everything: kine, creams, tablets (ibuprofeno, etc),
electricity and my last estupidity SHOCK WAVES: this to say that it does not serve for anything and that is single a tremendous cost (near $US 800). At the moment I continue looking for some treatment that can give me that I am looking for....


Re: My experience almost two years w/PF

LARA on 11/17/03 at 07:34 (137702)

How frustrating!!!! YOu might check my post to Sher just above this thread. I hesitate to repeat myself, but if you are still in the 'chasing down any lead' stage, there might be something there. I got 'PF' from tennis too - but it turned out it wasn't PF - I found out three years later. Before learning that I didn't have PF, I managed to wear away the lining of my stomach with NSAIDS! which sounds like a mild annoyance compared to what you have been through.