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Posted by Sher A on 11/17/03 at 06:14 (137699)

Folks, I think I need a day or two to cool down and regroup my nerves. I am sorry for bashing doctors, but I haven't had much luck with them. There are too many of them out there practicing who should not be, and I belong to a PPO not an HMO. They need to learn that non-malignant pain is just as terrible as malignant pain. Three years later and I still hurt from PF as I did from day one. From now on before I post, I'll pop a xanax, at least I have that relief.

Re: Sher

Carole C in NOLA on 11/17/03 at 07:06 (137700)

PF seems to be a condition that people have to treat themselves. For the most part, I don't think that most treatments which help PF are the kinds of things that require a doctor's intervention.

That's why I'm so glad that this message board exists. We can teach each other how to treat PF and begin to heal. This is the place to learn.

So don't give up. You can get better, though it may take a long time and a lot of effort and expense.

I am so sorry that you are still in this much pain!!! I do have some idea of what you are suffering with, as do others here, and believe me, we understand and care!

Carole C

Re: Apology

LARA on 11/17/03 at 07:26 (137701)

Sher - I missed whatever you are referring to, so I may be repeating myself, but I did see something else you wrote. From my own experience, with a few different educational/medical issues in my family, that first I'm desperate for information, then interested, then need a rest from following up leads, then get rejuvenated and try again. I'm not sure where you are, so I list the following for the next time you have time and energy, and hope I'm not repeating what you've already read and been through:

I'm not sure how long you have had PF, but many cases of diagnosed PF, that don't go away with treatment, turn out to be TTS. You might want to try pursuing that with doctors, but there are actually some treatments that are fairly non-invasive and don't require a doctor.

a. several people are swearing my MSM - for numerous aches. It's available in the vitamin section. I've only found it with glucosamine (which is fine).

b. Some people have found Magnesium to help. (you can do a search on this site - I think Sharon posted it first)

c. Some people have found relief from A.R.T. or Trigger Point Therapy (I haven't figured out if they are different names for essentially the same thing, related but different therapies, or totally different treatments. They are painful, but you can always tell the practitioner to ease up. I find it painful - but I keep going back and am able to keep a sense of humor during the treatments. I chose Trigger Point primarily because there are no A.R.T practitioners nearby me, and my neighbor swears by a local woman, and I had other problems which I sought Trigger Point for, and then decided to go ahead and try a couple of treatments for the TTS.)

d. Compression socks. There are some cotton ones that in my observation probably aren't strong enough for treatment. However, there are nylon (or some permeatation of nylon) in drug stores & medical supply stores. They come as knee socks in mild, medium and something stronger. These help many (a minority, but many) people with TTS. I find it takes a little getting used to the feel of compression socks, but the relief is so significant it's not an issue. Some people find them painful, but as best I can tell, they then just take the compression socks off and there is no lasting damage or pain.

e. Dansko clogs are another good brand of shoes for people on this board.

Good luck. I remember the day I was at a church meeting, planning for the youth group, and my feel were having a major tantrum, and what would have been addressed with a simple 'excuse me, can we go over what I'm doing before we move on' (I was new kid on the block and didn't know what was expected of me, I said ....hmmm. I've blocked it from my memory. However it was fairly sarcastic, and I apologized to everyone the next meeting. We've all been there, done that.

Re: Apology

Rick R on 11/17/03 at 10:50 (137719)


I see you were a bit harsh but I think there is value in and a valid point to your criticisms. I gave up on the medical profession for many years, at least regarding PF. In contrast the care my children received from their pediatric practice was nothing short of phenomenal. How about the doctors telling us no charge after we were in for the third time one week, they simply said you have gone through enough, this one is on us. Then there is the fine team of doctors that may have killed my brother in-law if we let him follow their advice. My wife, her other brother and I intervened and used family connections to get a world renowned gastroenteroligist (sp?) involved and he made us get off the phone and pour the barium crap down the drain before any further discussion. Then he asked how soon we could get to city from the burbs and we said 45 min. He said he'd be waiting at the front door (Rush Presbyterian St. Luke Chicago) in 30 min. We made the trip in 35 and there he was just as he said. Had a life saving diagnosis in 10 min. We had been draging the poor guy from one dr to the next for a couple of months while he was statving to death. I charted his weight loss and identified his progression to death on a time scale. Had he survived the dehydration of his aborted test the chances of him living to see the test results were questionable. Now tell me why in the world a medical professional was incapable of seeing this?

So that's a lot of verbage but the point is the doctors are just like the rest of us. I just wish some would drop the pretence that this is not the case. We are responsible for our own care and we need to be in control.


Re: Ya that was

SteveG on 11/17/03 at 14:06 (137744)

an amazing diatribe you unleased in response to Michael K's question. Your loathing of Doctors is, to say the least, boundless.

Re: Ya that was

Kathy G on 11/17/03 at 18:07 (137780)


I finally read your post. Your problem is that you've never met the right doctor and I'm sorry to hear that. There are compassionate, smart, caring doctors out there. I know; because I go to one. And as someone said, doctors are human and they can make mistakes, though one hopes it won't be a fatal error. You shouldn't swear off all doctors, just keep looking for one with whom you feel comfortable.

I don't think you were posting back when I went to a new gynecologist. She's fantastic in her field but when she heard that I don't exercise because of PF, she told me that it could be cured with just a shot and some orthotics. She didn't mean anything by it; it was just out of her field of expertise. Even my rheumatologist can't understand how it's gone on so long. PF is just a lousy malady that few medical practitioners understand.

As for medical insurance, that's a whole other ballgame. Insurance companies rule this country and it's a problem that has become so large that no one knows how to begin straightening it out. One has to try and 'play the system' and it's hard to do that when one is in the throes of a sickness. Why they fight about Vioxx and Celebrex is beyond me. It's not like people are taking these meds because they enjoy it! I'm sure there are people who cheat the system but I suspect they are few and far between.

Don't give up. Somewhere in your area, there's bound to be a compassionate doctor who will understand what you're going through. In the meantime, keep on venting on these boards because that's why they're here.

Re: Ya that was

Sher A on 11/17/03 at 20:26 (137797)

It really helped getting this off my chest. There are a lot of us where I work who suffer from PF. They're all afraid to speak up, but they speak up to me. They ask me what I've found out and what to do next. I guess I'm the spokesperson for all of us there as well as the guinea pig. So it has all accumulated. A girl wanted to talk to me one day and wondered if she needed to take a number. We are all equally frustrated and disgusted and for the same reasons - getting jerked around, made to feel like lowlifes and liars when we try to describe the pain in our feet. This suffering seems to go for years and doesn't have to. This is 2003 for crying out loud. It eases up and comes back with a vengeance. Why can't the doctors get it right, by now they ought to know the things that work and the things that don't work and stop wasting our time and money and LISTEN. I would like to hear of a story or two where one doctor cured someone and helped them take the edge off the pain when they couldn't stand it. I don't exactly have a face that exudes dripping sugar sweetness, it's mostly in a grimace from what I've been through over the years. I hurt, and it shows. I've earned every wrinkle. I don't have a stellar honey sweet personality either and hate getting jerked around more than anything. Either help me or act like you give a crap and I'll do anything, I'll be agreeable, but don't turn me down because I asked for something to help me deal with this knife stabbing pain. I'm down to earth, easy to talk to, and say it like it is, for that reason I am actually liked and respected at work. Sometimes you just have to get this stuff off your chest or go nuts - thank goodness you all patiently listened to the blather, allowed me to do it, and gave me the encouragement to go on. It helped tremendously. We're all going to beat this one way or the other.

Re: Sher...

Suzanne D. on 11/17/03 at 22:08 (137801)

Sometimes we can hold things inside until we feel we are about to burst. It IS good to get things off our chests. This board is good for that!

And most of us have experienced what you have, Sher. We write straight from the heart and 'let it all out', post it, and then step back and read it and think, 'Oh, no...I wish I had thought more about that before I posted it.'

I hope you can find a dr. you can trust who will help you. It's easy after several bad experiences to write the whole lot of them off, but don't give up. That's the main thing here, I believe...just not to give up. That's true of just about everything we face. Keep hope and keep reading and trying. It may get discouraging, but it's better than becoming bitter which is about the only direction to go when one has given up.

But you haven't, Sher, or you wouldn't be posting here! @};- So good for you, and hang in there! We're all pulling for you to get better.

Best wishes, %%-
Suzanne :)

Re: Sher...

Dorothy on 11/17/03 at 23:38 (137810)

What a very nice person you are, Suzanne; I'm so glad you're here.

Re: Sher...

Sher A on 11/18/03 at 20:54 (137906)

Me too. Thank you all so much for understanding. I really mean that with all my heart and soul. For now my mind is just numb. You know how it goes, you get hurt, you cry, you go into denial, you get ticked before you can level off.

Re: Sher...

Kathy G on 11/19/03 at 09:10 (137935)

Suzanne is so right. I remember when I first started to post and was dealing with the new heel pain that the stupid physical therapist had caused, I posted a rant. Once I hit the submit button, I was mortified to think I'd actually rambled on in such a way.

The people here were so supportive and compassionate that I didn't feel embarrassed for long. I was so tired of not burdening my family and friends with how I felt that I truly think these Boards, in providing me an outlet to share my frustrations,really helped me get a handle on things and realize that I wasn't going insane and I wasn't becoming a neurotic hypochondriac. And a wonderful Pod didn't hurt either!

As for Suzanne, she is one of those rare people who is truly and sincerely a nice person. You only encounter that kind of person a few times in your life and we are blessed to have her here on these boards with us. She always knows just what to say and how to say it!