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Ode to Bob G

Posted by JudyS on 11/17/03 at 16:35 (137757)

There is a young fella named Bob
Who works VERY hard at his job
He has dreams you see - just like you and me
So his work he never could dodge

Of hobbies Bob has a few -
Dancing and jogging are two
But he woke up one day in a terrible way -
His FEET hurt - he knew not what to do!

So he went to his doc
And he got fancy new sox
And splints And pills and shots
He found answers not one
Till he found heelspurs.com
And soon had no need for the lot!

Now back to our hardworking Bob
Who made more and more of his job
His office it grew - his staff did too
Of his dreams he never was robbed

I knew Bob way back when
His rental was small as a den
But now our Bob who works hard
Has a real back yard
And his very first den with a view!

Congratulations Bob G - your new home is as terrific as you are! :)

Re: Ode to Bob G

Kathy G on 11/17/03 at 17:20 (137768)

I don't know Bob, Judy, but I just love your poem! And I'm glad he's doing so well!

Re: Ode to Bob G

marie on 11/17/03 at 18:39 (137785)

That was perfectly said!:)

Re: Ode to Bob G

Sher A on 11/17/03 at 19:48 (137794)

That's an incredible piece of work!! I loved it!

Re: Ode to Bob G

Bob G. on 11/18/03 at 00:14 (137813)

Thanks, Judy, you are awesome. You have been such an inspiration to me and to many others. That poem says it all, wow!

And thank you for the lovely homemade custome table cloth. It is gracing my dining room now and fits right in.

It's late after a long day on the road, but I will post a return something soon...thanks for coming and for your thoughtfulness. Sorry you missed the party, but you did make it. You and John have been so good to me, I love you both!

Re: Ode to Bob G

Carole C in NOLA on 11/19/03 at 19:38 (138011)

Bob, congratulations on your new home. A den with a view sounds really lovely!

Carole C