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question for DRZ

Posted by Jennifer M. on 11/17/03 at 21:33 (137800)

I've had severe and debilitating bilateral pf for 4 months now, which is my second bout with it - had a very mild case 5 years ago. I am a frequent visitor to the site, and have done most of the conservative treatments available. I have not tried ESWT though. I got my second pod. opinion this week. He wants to do surgery right away. He wants to do minimal incision EPF. My question is, since my pf was caused by extremly flexible, hypermobile feet and ankles with severe pronation, a very think protuding fascia, and heel pain on the outside edges of my feet, would surgery be a good option? I religously wear my custom orthotics that prevent my rolling in, but wonder if the poor mechanics of my feet will keep me from ever getting rid of this condition. I've always had 'crescent' type feet since an infant, and had therapy when I was a baby. I never had problems, though, and backpacked, rock climbed, jogged, etc. Doctors have wondered why I don't heal now (I'm 31, and fit). Also, I've read about problems with scar tissue. My doctor who wants to do surgery told me that in effect, cutting the fascia lengthens it because of the formation of scar tissue. Whats the real story? He also discussed implant surgery to 'roll' my ankle back to where it should be. Could epf work on such a malformed foot?