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Actipatch product-does this look like something that would work?

Posted by Kaitlyn L. on 11/17/03 at 23:46 (137811)

I had someone recommend Actipatch Therapy to me. It is available on a website called actipatch.com. I am wondering if as a medical professional you think this would work? it is FDA approved, but I don't understand how it would work and it is kind of expensive...



Re: Actipatch product-does this look like something that would work?

BrianG on 11/19/03 at 17:31 (137995)

Hi Kaitlyn,

I was interested, so I went to the home page, http://www.Actipatch.com/

The web site said that it's FDA approved, but I went to the FDA home page, http://www.fda.gov/ and did a search. Neither Actipatch, or BioElectronics had a hit. Plus, you too can become a distributer, and order it without a prescription. I don't think I'd waste my money!

BrianG, not a doc

Cut & Pasted from the actipatch.com website:

Medical ProfessionalsActiPatch™ Therapy Products  Where to Buy 
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Medical Professionals Info Center
ActiPatch Therapy is a convenient, cost-effective, pulsed electromagnetic device. The FDA has cleared the use of ActiPatch Therapy for the reduction of edema in soft tissues.
Historically, the use of pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been limited because of its high cost and the required frequency of therapy (daily multiple treatments over a varying number of days). The existing machines range in price from $7,000 to $25,000 and treatment must be administered by a trained operator. The high cost, coupled with patient inconvenience, has restrained the adoption of this therapy by the broad general population and has limited its use to hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and professional sports teams.
The ActiPatch device improves on existing pulsed electromagnetic therapies because it:
Provides a portable device for a quicker and more convenient application of therapy, and to improve patient compliance;
Dramatically lowers the cost of therapy to less than $5.00 per day;
Eliminates the need for a trained operator and recurring office visits for treatment;
Uses the body's own electrical properties and reduces the 117 VAC, 60 Hz, 5 Amps power requirements of existing devices to a 3-volt DC battery; and,
Simplifies the method of use from variable power and pulse frequencies to a fixed treatment setting.
Future products will be designed to meet the needs of the various medical specialties for soft tissue injuries and other disease states.
Look into our library of clinical evidence on PEMF applications. It shows how effective PEMF has been for disease states as varied as, oral surgery, heel pain, fresh fractures, and arthritis have all benefited from pulsed electromagnetic therapy.
John Low (1992) in his textbook on Electrotherapeutic Modalities, suggests that for acute conditions a low average energy is used, 40 to 65 µs pulses with repetition rates of 400-600 pulses/s with three 20 minute treatments each day or, if that is impossible, a one-hour treatment each day. For the relief of pain, moderate pulse lengths of 65 or 100 microseconds at 100 or 200 pulses/second for 10-20 minutes are used.
Acute conditions such as soft tissue injuries require a higher repetition with shorter (narrower) pulses. The ActiPatch therapy electromagnetic field is pulse-modulated at 1KHz with a duty cycle of 10%.
Like other pulsed electromagnetic therapy devices ActiPatch Therapy functions at a frequency in the 27.1 MHz ISM band. The electromagnetic field has the (vector) form of the 'near-field' produced by a loop antenna. Long-range transmission ('far-field' effect) is rendered negligible by the small antenna size, compared with one wavelength. The near field induces electric current in human tissue, oscillating at such a high frequency that it cannot be 'felt' by our nervous system. The high frequency also limits penetration by way of the 'skin-effect', resulting in a 'skin depth' of approximately 10 cm. In addition, the geometry of the loop limits penetration to approximately one diameter, (or approximately, the width, in the case of the model 250). So antenna size dominates penetration over skin effect for the model 250 and 500.
The ActiPatch affixes onto the patient for a convenient 24-hour treatment, with an 'overnight' suggested minimum treatment time.
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Clinical Library
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Using ActiPatch Therapy
Learn how easy it is to use this therapy.
How ActiPatch Therapy Works
Learn more about how ActiPatch Therapy works and is so effective.
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Re: Actipatch product-does this look like something that would work?

CarrieS. on 10/26/05 at 23:08 (185864)

I found both the product and the company on the FDA website. T

Re: Actipatch product-does this look like something that would work?

CarrieS. on 9/19/07 at 00:20 (236336)


Clearly you don't know how to search the FDA website...ActiPatch is FDA approved. The home page is http://www.bioelectronicscorp.com

YOU can not become a distributor of the ActiPatch unless you are a medical distribution company. ActiPatch must be dispensed by or on the order of a licensed health care professional...

don't post what you haven't verified!!