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Omega 3

Posted by Jane on 11/18/03 at 12:53 (137847)

Listening to a medical program on the radio dedicated to plantarfacitis, two people called in and said that they take Omega 3 - 3 times a day and that it really helps and the doctor on the program agreed. Any feed back? Thanks in advance.

Re: Omega 3

Oscar R on 11/18/03 at 13:02 (137850)

Omega 3 as an Fish Oil derivated... go to http://www.oilofpisces.com/ to see its benefits


Re: Omega 3

Kathy G on 11/20/03 at 08:39 (138047)

I've been taking Fish Oil for four months now. I see no difference but it might be because I can only take 2,000 mg daily and I should probably take more. I find it bothers my stomach. I tried three brands before I found one that I could tolerate. It, too, is a Kirkland brand from Costco. People on this board are going to think I own stock in Costco or something but again, it was based on studies I'd seen.

A couple of months ago, Consumer Reports had a report on Fish Oil and when I finished reading it, I decided everyone should be on it. If you go to your library, you might be able to find it. Even if it doesn't help your PF, it certainly can't hurt you. And I believe that the physiological root cause of PF differs from individual to individual so one should try whatever they can.

A good tip, that I found really works, is to keep the Fish Oil capsules in the freezer. For some reason, this prevents them from repeating on you and causing a sick stomach. I got that tip from the Consumer Reports article.

Re: Omega 3

Kathy G on 11/20/03 at 08:41 (138048)

I should clarify that if I take it more than twice a day it seems to bother my stomach.

Re: Omega 3

Richard, C.Ped on 11/20/03 at 09:20 (138059)

I can't really see how that would help, but I do want to read on it more. I take it to help control cholesterol.

Re: Omega 3

john h on 11/20/03 at 09:46 (138064)

Kathy I think I have told you but my wife was put on fish oil by her rehumotologist. She takes it each and every day and has been for some years. I keep forgetting the brand she uses but she will not switch what ever it is. Thank goodness she does not have fish oil breath.

Re: Omega 3

Kathy G on 11/20/03 at 10:29 (138075)

Oh, please, I don't want to go there. I've been eating a healthy, cholesterol happy diet for the last couple of years along with having added the fish oil. I also take Lipitor, 10 mg., for elevated triglycerides. (That spelling looks wrong but I'm too lazy to check it. Heck, I signed on to look at my local library site and somehow ended up here!) I went for my blood work in October, expecting to get glowing reports. All my numbers were good but my triglycerides were 233. I went to the doctor and told him that no way was I going to control this with diet. As it is, I could counsel people as to what they should and shouldn't eat. I told him I wanted to control it the way God intended: with a pill! He doubled my Lipitor.

Seriously, my numbers were fine before I stopped exercising. Then they were borderline. I'm completely off of HRT and I think that put the numbers up.

Richard, maybe you should start on HRT? :D