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Posted by Ann J on 11/18/03 at 20:13 (137899)

Do any of you go to a chat room or is there a place where we can all chat? This site has been so cool and everyone has been so supportive. I am so curious about everyone with PF... what you do? HOw did you get PF? are there a lot of hikers out there? etc.. I have been comin' here for a couple of weeks and it has been so helpful... Thanks to all of you Ann

Re: Support/talk

marie on 11/18/03 at 20:35 (137904)

Some folks here have exchanged emails.

I have tts and pf. I'm an art teacher. I suppose I got it over a long period of time...chasing kids. :)

I love your name! I hike. I hike alot. I still can't do alot of hills but I manage to get around in the woods just fine. We have a small cabin in the woods and I like to get out there as often as I can. We have alot of nature preserves and state parks so there are plenty of places to go. We have 101 lakes in our county...so fishing and boating are popular here.

Where do you like to hike?


Re: Support/talk

JudyS on 11/19/03 at 12:24 (137963)

Hi Ann - We all got turned on to Instant Messageing about two years ago and had a good time with it for awhile. But, for whatever reasons, we lost interest in it eventually. However, you may still find some of us on IM now and then if you give us your IM name and we give you ours. Mine is Judy1b.

As for your question 'how do you get PF?' well - that one's got a zillion answers! It can be from overuse, from inadequate stretching, poor shoes, too much barefooting, hard surfaces......and lots more!

Yes, there are hikers here. And runners, and dancers, and teachers and nurses - lots of folks who use their feet a lot!
I'm glad you stopped in and I hope we get a chance to get to know you!

Re: Support/talk

Ann J. on 11/19/03 at 12:50 (137967)

My IM is ann13015 or annj13015. Maybe I'll see ya there. Thanks for the response.. I hike all over the place... love the AT... everywhere I go I hike... I love hiking... I have not been hiking in over a month... :(:( but I am taking care of my foot and I will hopefully hit the AT this spring. Thanks again for everything. Ann

Re: Support/talk

Ann J. on 11/19/03 at 12:51 (137968)

I think I meant to write the above to you. Oh well... thanks to both of you that responded.

Re: Support/talk

Dorothy on 11/19/03 at 16:34 (137983)

What is AT?

Re: Support/talk

marie on 11/19/03 at 16:43 (137985)

That's ok. We've all been guilty of that.

Re: Support/talk

JudyS on 11/19/03 at 17:01 (137991)

Appalaichan (sp) Trail?

Re: Support/talk

marie on 11/19/03 at 17:16 (137993)

Close enough Judy! I'd love to hike more in the mountains...especially in the Appalachian Mountains. I can do hills and have managed some steep ravines last summer but I don't know that I'll be able to free scale cliffs or slopes again.

I am anxious for it to freeze so I can get out and do some hiking in the snow.


Re: Support/talk

Ann J on 11/20/03 at 06:02 (138032)

Yeah that's it... the appalachian trail. I am doing 42 miles this spring and 100 the following... After that one it is my goal 800 miles. I need my feet... wow you just don't realize how important those boogers are until sompin happens.

Re: Support/talk

JudyS on 11/20/03 at 11:39 (138082)

Hi Ann - the relative trail here in the west is the Pacific Crest Trail. My husband, son and I have hike a very tiny stretch of it but it has always been a dream of mine to do the whole thing. It stretches from Mexico to Canada.

Re: Support/talk

BrianG on 11/22/03 at 11:18 (138364)

Hi Ann J,

Since it's just about the end of the hiking season, I have read quite a few stories about the AT in my local newspaper (in Ma.). These are stories about people who are hiking it 'backwards'. Most folks hike north, to south, but I guess the hard core hikers like to do it south, to north. They must be a hardy lot, to be climbing some of the tallest mountains in Maine in the late fall. I'm not sure, but isn't Mt. Katahdin the end / start?

Anyways, there was one story about an old timer, hiking north, with his older, small dog. The dog was worn out, and this guy was carrying it a good part of the day. Other hikers helped him by carring the dog, when possible. Quite a story.

Good luck, I hope you can recover, and continue to hike