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a good day

Posted by bluestella on 11/20/03 at 21:30 (138174)

Hey all im back from vacation what a nice time away. I did get my link card today so i could get some groceries that was nice :) I have to reapply for medical i am hoping this time i can get some where with that. I did get all my files of my medical so that should help. My lawyer isnt doing much so i might try and find another one. I am suppose to go see the pain clinic therapist or whatever but when i called they said i had to pay 50 dollars to go. And i told them i do not have any money for that and they said well you will have to call back on the 25th. Oh well i did apply for fiancial hardship today too for my wheelchair so i hope something comes out good with that. It seems a few things are going ok. My foot on the other hand is still swollen and sore and tingly and numb. The hot tub helped it out a lot in florida :) My mother did get me a whirlpool foot spa thing so im gonna try that out. I hope everyone is doing well :) bye

Re: a good day

marie on 11/21/03 at 14:30 (138258)

Glad to hear you had a nice visit. It's always nice to be with family.