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Is there a goods men shoe with a raised heel?

Posted by Liam on 11/20/03 at 21:35 (138176)

Hi There
I stand most of the day and sometimes in the same spot for long times. I'm wearing NB1004, and have switched from birk bluefootbed to Soles. I worked out the other day and my feet are a tad sore, but what I have noticed is that most of the time I can feel my weight on my heels while standing around. Maybe because their sore or perhaps becuase the shoes I'm wearing sorta distribuite the weight to the back. A year ago the pod. sent me to the shoe maker to add some rubber under the heels, and it seemed to help. I felt the weight more on the ball of the foot rather then the heels. Those shoes are gone now. I know I could do the same with these shoes, but I'm wondering if there are any decent shoes with the heels raised?
I look at some of the ladies at the checkout counter at the supermarket and they are wearing shoes that are slightly inclined forward and on lots of rubber. (like a thick sole)
I've been wearing these NB, for a long while, 'cause the're motion control, bla bla and cause they supposed to be good, but maybe they are not meant for me....
Is there a goods shoe for guys...with raised heels and good arch support,
I have orthotics so the arch may not be the main thing, but the raised heel and perhaps lots of cushioning????
Thanks kindly for the help Liam

Re: Is there a goods men shoe with a raised heel?

Aly R. on 11/21/03 at 10:13 (138223)

Hi Liam,

I'm not sure what the doctors would think of this, but you might try heel lifts. Not the cushions you find in the store, but like the ones on the site below. They go under your orthotic or insole and shift your weight forward and off your heels a bit. The site says that they should only lift about 3-4mm.

I'm thinking of trying some myself, as my doctor recommended heels for me (supposedly small heel can be good for high-arched feet.

I read quite a bit about heel lifts on this site , maybe it will be of help...


Good luck,

Aly :)

Re: Is there a goods men shoe with a raised heel?

Dorothy on 11/21/03 at 15:33 (138267)

Aly ~ Thank you SO MUCH for this website reference. That is a great resource. I have been considering heel lifts ever since Rachel discussed them in her use with Brooks Ariel. I found the Ariel on sale and now am trying to find lifts. So, thank you, thank you.

If anyone saw the JFK documentary recently on PBS, many mentions were made of his back problems but one fact I had never heard before: that one leg was quite a bit shorter than the other. I also read in the NYT statements from people who were close to him including that he quite often had something like three shots at at time of novacaine to his back simply to numb it. Anyway, the heel lift website reminded me of the shorter leg point about him - so I digressed for a moment.

One other digression that I am going to repeat here, something that I know some other people know: Thorlo socks are a great adjunct to treating this foot pain. I really, really like the most heel-padded ones (for running, I think) but they make a huge difference when the feet are really hurting. Thorlo recommends buying the socks and any new shoes as a treatment package. I really recommend Thorlo socks to all foot people.

Thanks again, Aly. You are so often a font of great information!

Re: Is there a goods men shoe with a raised heel?

Aly R. on 11/21/03 at 15:36 (138269)

Oh I'm so glad! Thanks to you too :)

Do let me know how they work for you, if you try them out. I'd like to try them myself, but I've tapped the Foot Fund one too many times in recent weeks, so I'll have to wait...

Re: Is there a goods men shoe with a raised heel?

Dorothy on 11/21/03 at 15:55 (138272)

Great description, 'The Foot Fund'. Me, too. It's the very special kind of 'tap dancing' only the foot people can understand - tapping out the foot fund. My foot fund says 'while you're resting the feet, give the foot fund a rest, too...' so I must.

Julie on the sand in India. You on the sand in Australia. Wendy in hot springs in Canada... At least the feet of foot people go to exotic places...

Re: Is there a goods men shoe with a raised heel?

Ron B on 11/21/03 at 18:18 (138301)

you might take a look at this site. http://www.zcoil.com They are funny looking but A guy I work with has a pair and swears by them. I just bought a couple pairs of Brooks ' Beast' at $90. ea. so I will have to wait before I buy anymore. Good luck

Re: Is there a goods men shoe with a raised heel?

RACHAEL T. on 11/22/03 at 12:27 (138366)

I think you will like the Brooks Beast...the Ariel by Brooks (female version of Beast model) is the only sneaker I can wear. And, I've tried about 14 prs. over the past 2 yrs. I can say too, that my sales rep (at a Runners' Store) sold me the Brooks w/ a heel lift made by Sorbathane--it helped alot. If you don't feel less pain w/ the Brooks, search out the lift at your local runners' store.