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Stress fracture Dr mentioned bone stimulator?

Posted by matts on 11/20/03 at 21:46 (138178)

In september i had tendon repair surgery, by a pod specializing on feet and anlkes, on outside of my ankle and that part is feeling pretty good, basically no pre surgery pain. However, on outside of foot on that little bone the pod says the lingering pain may be a little more tendonitis or possibly stress fracture, I am to try pt four more times and he is going to look at mri and xrays again to see if anything was there before surgery. I asked if they do anything for stress fractures and he mentioned bone stimulator.

OK, my question is has anyone had one of these and what does it look like, can you put it on and take it off, does it fit in regular shoes, I would like to know what might be involved with this bone stimulator and I would appreciate any answers or experience. Thanks.