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Post Surgery Pain?????

Posted by Rose on 11/20/03 at 22:00 (138181)

I had a question. I had open release surgery July 1. I seemed to be healing fine, but in the last month I have been experiencing more and more heel pain after being off my feet for more than just a few minutes. It is the same old first step pain, but a little worse. It also burns a lot even while sitting.
I have had no physical therapy or any contact with the doctor since week 5 following surgery. He did say that I could call at any time if I thought I might not be healing fast enough and he could refer me to physical therapy and do a number of other things to help me.
I do understand that this will take a long while to completely heal, and it has only been a little under 5 months. I just don't really know if this is 'normal' healing or I should get back to the surgeon.
Is there anything you could recommend that I could be doing? I do wear the boot to bed every few nights and that seems to help.I was not told to do that, but it makes it feel better. I do the stretches, and I am very kind to my feet. I have good orthodics made from casts, and good New Balance Shoes. I wear Birks around the house which are quite comfortable.
It is still difficult to be on my feet long enough to do any real shopping. I still need a wheel chair if we do any family type things like the zoo etc. Is this normal for this time after surgery?
I have been doing water aerobic classes 4-5 times a week, staying in the deep water as much as possible and not bouncing at all on my toes or anything. I tread water a lot for my aerobic workout. If I try any type of weight bearing exercise, it makes my feet very sore.
I am taking no medication, as I want to feel what is going on. Am I doing the correct thing here? The incision is on the bottom of my foot towards the inside where the heel meets the arch. I believe it was about a 50 percent release or less.
I welcome everybody's suggestions. Thanks soooo much.

Re: Post Surgery Pain?????

lee on 11/30/03 at 11:48 (139050)

Hi Rose, I so sorry that no one has responded to your plea! For what its worth, I really think that you should contact your doctor and have him evaluate you. It seems to me that you shouldn't be worse at this stage post surgery unless something is wrong. Maybe physical therapy would help. It seems like you are doing everything right. Take care, I hope you feel better soon!

Re: Post Surgery Pain?????

Dr. Z on 11/30/03 at 12:56 (139052)

You need to stop all physical therapy water therapy and make an appointment with your surgeon Now

Re: Post Surgery Pain?????

john k on 12/02/03 at 09:53 (139146)

I think if you are in a wheelchair after five months then something is not right. This is what people who are contemplating surgery fear the most at least it is in my case. I know all surgeries take longer than expected to be back to normal.