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physical therapy

Posted by peggy m on 11/22/03 at 06:11 (138330)

I saw pod on Mon. for PF(which I have been suffering with for 18 mos,4 shots with no relief.) He says surgery is the answer, but did agree to physical therapy. I have went once and this is the best my left foot has felt in 6 mos. She told me the way I have been walking has caused more pain. Also have lots of scar tissue. Physical therapy was rough, but I am hoping it will be my miracle. Does anyone know how long they will let you go to phsical therapy for this. I have done all the stretches at home.And was it the cortisone shots that caused the scar tissue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: physical therapy

Dr. Z on 11/22/03 at 08:29 (138336)

For physical therapy to have a beneficial effect you need to go three times per week for at least six weeks. You should see some kind of improve at about the 3rd week. IF you don't a re-evaluation is needed ESWT is the treatment that can help you if your fasciitis is really a fasciosis. Fasciosis is where the tissue quality is damaged and degenerative. Feel free to ask any questions you may have Good luck. No more local steriod shots please

Re: physical therapy

peggy m on 11/22/03 at 19:32 (138398)

Thank You Dr. Z for your response. I am to do 3 weeks of physical therapy and then return to see my pod. Hopefully I can do 3 more weeks of PT. And I hope I can get by without ESWT or surgery. And no more shots.The pod did put me on a 40 hour workweek,no more than 8 hours a day. I work on concrete floors in a factory. Do you think that I will be able to get off that soon?