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wierd pain

Posted by Helen on 11/22/03 at 10:11 (138358)

I've searched every site re foot pain and cannot find anything that resembles what I have. I have PF/heelspurs in my left foot and bunions/inactive heel spur in my right. What Im asking about is this, in my right foot the joint which attaches the toe to the top of the foot is really hurting. It's the toe next to the big toe, and only hurts on the top of the foot, not the bottom, not between the toes. That toe is fully flexible (i can use my hand to completely bend it at all joints). The joint hurting is the one at the bottom of the toe, connecting it to the foot. That area and the toe are both swollen at the end of the day and when I wake up, its not swollen and only hurts a little. Also hurts to the touch if I press. Walking of course is painful (especially with the heel spur hurting on the other foot).

Thanks for your help.