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Just returned from trip~~~~ John H. we were in your "neck of the woods"

Posted by Necee on 11/23/03 at 01:59 (138427)

My hubby surprised me! We took a short trip to celebrate our 22 wedding anniversary, and it was so nice getting away for a few days.
John H. we were up in your 'neck of the woods' this past week. We went to Petit Jean State Park, and stayed in a rustic cabin. We just love Mather Lodge, the view there is awesome!! We hiked 2 miles to see the waterfall, I wore my Birk Hiking boots and did just fine. One day we drove on up to Mountain View, AR. We just enjoy taking the scenic backroads, and driving through the mountains. I can't think of the name, but we came through this quaint little town, and discovered a bakery where they bake the bread in this huge brick oven, we watched as they removed the loaves using wooden bread paddles....and of course we had to buy some!! My choice was wholesome whole wheat bread...yumm...yumm.
One day we drove the Tellemina Scenic Byway, the view was really pretty, and of course we had to stop and eat at the Queen Willimena Lodge.
I have a question for you John......we saw a roadside sign....it said Arkansas Black Apples For Sale....what the heck are Black Apples???

Happy trails....