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pain in heel starts in mornig

Posted by rosemary a on 11/23/03 at 11:46 (138462)

Hi ,
I have got this pain in my heel, in the morning i cannot put my foot down due to the pain, it is like a real ache and hurts. i have to hobble everywhere until i can walk on it properly

i can see a red look around the heel and it is very tender to press but it is not swollen up or
anything i feel that i am walking with my ankle going inward to release the pain
though it never really goes a way i did have a variuos vien strip on the leg in january do you think they could be related.

i had something simialr in my other foot but that is fine and does not trouble me at all

i am worried if it does happen due to the disability i would have to walk.

i am fit and heathly other than this

Re: pain in heel starts in mornig

Dr. Z on 11/23/03 at 12:38 (138467)

Sounds like the beginning of plantar fasciitis. Read the heel pain book. See a doctor. Early treatment is the key for avoiding long term disability