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Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

Posted by L.King on 11/24/03 at 12:15 (138542)

I am 1 year into on and off pain inbehind and below the ankle on the inside.It is very sore to touch the inner edge of my heel and I have some swelling in the tarsal tunnel area.(which is also sore to touch)I don't have tingling in my toes or electric shock kind of symptoms.It hurts on the bottom of my heel and up towards the tarsal tunnel with every step.I've rested for 4 weeks with one week on crutches.I've seen a specialist and he instantly diagnosed me with P.F.Ihave had bone scans(negative for stress fractures) and athritis showed in the arch.I had a ultra sound and a small sac of fluid was seen in the tarsal tunnel area last Feb.Nothing done.Was not important my doctor said.I'm now told in 1 more week of rest if still no improvement I'll be put in a cast.My questions are should I not be given another ultra sound and should I be given an MRI ? Could I be experiencing the symptoms of T.T.S.? I'm a letter carrier and ultra marathon runner I'm not at all worried about running BUt I need to be back at work.Can you help me??? Thanks

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

john k on 11/24/03 at 13:15 (138546)


Did you file for worker's compensation? I got it for PF/TTS. There may be a schedule award in it for you. I would not dwell on the marathon running to much. OWCP will try and blame your problems on your running. I was a postal worker.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

L.King on 11/24/03 at 13:19 (138547)

Yes I tried to file for workers comp.but Canada Post blamed it on my running as did Workers comp.Canada Post was sponsoring me for several races.I'm not concerned with running but more so with a diagnosis that I'm confident with.Thanks

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

john k on 11/24/03 at 15:43 (138563)

So you are a Canadian letter carrier. Yes, I was a U.S. postal worker so the rules are different. The USPS hammers its injured employees so I was forced to file for compensation to protect myself. I have had the foot problems ever since I started as a postal worker and now that I am retired I still have the problems. My advice is to try and get a sit down job and find something that is not going to pound your feet into jell-o. I had 12 years to go as a postal worker and I could not make it so I had to go out the door on disability. These problems can get worse with age. My foot problems were under control but got much worse the older I got. The U.S. Postal service tries to get rid of all its injured workers. It is a real hell hole and I am a disabled vet so I had some protection but not enough.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

seth vorhees on 11/24/03 at 17:45 (138574)


how old were you when you develpoed foot problems? Also did you go to a podiatrist or ankle foot orthopedic? Finally i am also a lertter carrier and am currently experirncing foot post tib tendonitis and was wondering if i can still report this as a work related injury. I know it does not fall under the CA1 traumatic injury but Ca2 occupational diease. It has been 2months since i first noticed the symptoms and i am sitting home using my sick leave, because i develpoed this gradually. DO I STILL HAVE TIME TO FILE UNDER A CA2? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP JOHN

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

john k on 11/24/03 at 20:16 (138579)


I was about 36 or 37 when I first had the bad foot problems. As far as filing a CA-2 for the OWCP you can do that up to 3 years from the injury. In the case of an occupational injury or illness you can file any time. I had a pod and an orthopedic doctor work on my feet. The thing to do might be to talk to your union president about it. These guys usually have doctors who understand OWCP and know how to write the reports. The doctor has to say positively that your feet problems are work-related and give a rationalized opinion. There can be no heming or hawing about it because the OWCP will try to wriggle out of paying for your feet unless the doctor uses the correct buzz words and backs up his opinion with medical evidence. I would file as soon as I could get a good doctor who is going to go the distance for you. Don't discuss this with your supervisor because when they know you are going to file they might get nasty. File the paperwork and don't take no for an answer.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

Dorothy on 11/25/03 at 01:18 (138594)

I wish it were ok to post about the postal service because it is an interest of mine actually. My dad first drove a streetcar, then a bus, then went to work for the US Postal Service where he worked for many, many years and supported a family from that employment. I actually feel very patriotic and sentimental about the Post Office, and about train service, too and get worried when it is threatened. Yet, we always hear such negative things from so many people who work there and I wish it were not so. I think it has been one of the things (along with free public education, public parks, train service....and many other things) that make our country dear to my heart. I am sorry when I hear that they don't treat their workers right and I wish there were some way to let the USPS know how much I value the Post Office. I still think it is a marvelous thing that we can send a letter (yes, I still write letters!) and for 37 cents send it across country and know with great confidence that it will arrive safely. It's actually something that I am thankful for.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

seth vorhees on 11/25/03 at 06:22 (138602)

thnks for the info john, what exactly did you get a disabilty retirement for and why couldnt you get a light duty position? Did you have surgrery for you r condition? Sorry about the multitude of questions but I am concerned and nedd info.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

john k on 11/25/03 at 07:01 (138606)

I got my disability retirement for a number of injuries I got over the years. I had light duty but not light enough for me to make the last 12 years. You can get disability retirement for any condition as long as the doctor follows the guidelines for OPM. The USPS will be glad to see the back of you as OPM costs them little or nothing. It is worker's compensation they will fight.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

L.King on 11/25/03 at 08:39 (138615)

O.K. enough is enough...I wrote my original message with hopes of some medical advise.I was under the impression a doctor would respond.I'm not interested in any more postal union bashing,or workers comp. etc...I'm a very happy Canadian postal worker for the last 22 years.Please will a doctor or medical professional respond.Thanks L.King

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

seth vorhees on 11/25/03 at 12:44 (138632)

probably because the canadians do not work as hard as American postal workers. It has been documneted that the Canadian Post Office is awful. They will not make the effort to send on a letter if one letter is wrong, it is returned. At least we make an effort.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

Aly R. on 11/25/03 at 13:48 (138641)

I do say this light-heartedly, take note!
But my goodness Seth, that's a very biased statement! [-X I grew up in Canada and never experienced any problems with the post office. To state that Canadian postal workers don't work as hard as American postal workers is silly. Really! 8-(PIPE)

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

Pauline on 11/25/03 at 13:48 (138643)

I'm not Canadian, but I don't think it's in anyones best interest, on this web site, to make a blanket statement about Canadian or any other countries Postal Workers or any Federal Workers for that matter.

If you look deep enough you'll find enough mud to sling in all government agencies no matter what the country.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

L.King on 11/25/03 at 14:32 (138648)

For the last time I'm not interested in postal stories,unions,Canada vs U.S.A. or any of that.I want MEDICAL INFO on P.F.and T.T.S.!!!!!! Please stop with all the off topic stuff,thanks

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

Pauline on 11/25/03 at 14:53 (138651)

Your begining to sound very familiar.

Their are wants and their are needs. Just because you 'WANT' something doesn't mean other people have to provide it.

Heelspurs is designed to address peoples needs not their necessarily fill all the wants on their lists.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

Dorothy on 11/25/03 at 15:01 (138657)

L. King ~ I am sorry that you have not gotten an answer to your questions. You asked a clear question and asked for specific information. I didn't have answers for you and hoped that knowledgeable people would answer you. I still hope that. You have not asked anything that is unreasonable or out of the ordinary for this website, so you do deserve appropriate responses. Sometimes other discussions get going around a topic among people but that doesn't mean that the original question is being ignored; it might just mean that those of us who are otherwise 'talking' don't have the answers for you. While you are waiting - and I do hope you are still there - for answers from knowledgeable sources, I will ask if you have thoroughly read The Heel Pain book because it might very well address some of the things you are wondering about. Click on that title at the bottom of any page on this website and you can then begin reading. Best wishes to you and good luck. I do hope you find information and improved health. It sounds like you are a person who would be greatly missed from your postal service, and as you know, I do appreciate the postal service.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis or onset of tarsal Tunnel

Julie on 11/25/03 at 16:10 (138678)

L King, I know this thread has frustrated you, but I wonder why you think that by ordering people around, telling them to stop talking to each other, and demanging information you are making a response more likely.

Please understand that what Dorothy has explained is very much the case here. People talk to each other, and the talk often segues off into channels that weren't part of the original question. The doctors who post here do so in their own time, for nothing, and they can't always hop to it the minute a question is asked. If I were a doctor, I don't think I would want to respond to you now.

Sorry - but I think you owe John, Seth and Dorothy an apology.

And do read the heel pain book.