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ESWT on a 13 year old

Posted by RobF on 11/25/03 at 13:53 (138644)

This was posted on the ESWT board as well

My son is 13 and has been dealing with Plantar Faciitis for over two years. We have been through Orthodics, Heel Cups, Nights Splints, Ice, Stretching, etc. Nothing seems to help. We just saw a doctor about ESWT. They growth plates in his heels are fused. We are told he is a candidate. Is there anything else we should be concerned about. We are in the process of scheduling treatment on both feet.

My son is in 7t grade. He is 5'11' and 215lbs. He plays, Football,Basketball, Baseball, Bowls, golfs (you get the point). He had basketball tryouts yesterday and although he did very well, he had to inform the coaches that he will no be continuing this season. He had to crawl from the car to the house last night after tryouts and was in extreme pain the rest of the evening. At ths point the only thing he is able to do is workout at the health club. All other activities, including bowling have become too painful.

Re: ESWT on a 13 year old

Dr. Z on 11/25/03 at 19:26 (138713)

I have treated a patient exactly like your son. He was a football player . He did very well. So long as the growth plates are closed he is a candidate for the procedure.
Yesterday I met a 15th year young man who was 7'0. He was a basketball player. I couldn't believe how well conditioned and in shape he was. Is your son in good shape. He is on the over weight side of the scale. How is his range of motion and joint stability in his feet?

Re: ESWT on a 13 year old

RobF on 12/09/03 at 11:57 (139651)

He has a belly on him. However he works out with a personal trainer 2x a week. He is very strong and his lungs are strong (he uses an Eliptical). I do see his weight as a contributing factor to his pain. His range of motion is poor and his stability is no better. He has been casted several time for severe sprains. I can say the frequency of ankle spains has goone down since he has been working out. We were going to have the procedure on Saturday, the 6th but it was postponed due to the snow. He is having the proceeure today 12/9/03 at 3:30.

Thanks for the information