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Book Recommendation

Posted by Dorothy on 11/25/03 at 15:23 (138663)

I'm a Postin' Fool today! Resting the feet and the spirits before the big Thanksgiving push, I reckon, so I'm at the screen a lot today! Sorry, folks. I will just post this one last thing then I'll give it a rest for a while. As you know, I keep asking for more taping information. I came across this book - I got it used - but think it's on Amazon. It's called 'Athletic Taping and Bracing' by David H. Perrin, published by Human Kinetics, copyright 1995. 'David H. Perrin is an associate professor at the University of Virginia where he has been the director of graduate athletic training education and research since 1986. ..... Ph.D. in exercise physiology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1985...founding editor of the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation...certified member of the National Athletic Trainers' Association and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine....'

Giving part of the back cover book description: 'Athletic Taping and Bracing is the first textbook to apply the science of anatomy and injury mechanisms to the practice of athletic taping. By examining major joints and muscle groups you'll master step-by-step taping and bracing techniques for preventing and maanging sport injuries. The book's reader-friendly format features more than 400 detailed photographs and medical illustrations. You'll find it easy to visualize underlying anatomical structures and injury mechanisms and to learn proper methods for applying tape, braces, wraps, and orthotics. You'll also find discussions of specific injuries and techniques for treatment plus stretching and strengthening exercises to help athletes avoid reinjury....'

I hope this is of interest to others here. I have now given two book recommendations today. Tomorrow I will be making my holiday movie recommendations! :-)