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Doctor's only board

Posted by Pauline on 11/25/03 at 21:50 (138737)

Since I'm not sure where this should be posted I chose the Social Board hoping that it would not interfere with this location.

My two cents on making a 'Doctors only' reply board. Scott I think your recreating the wheel. You already have one.

If you don't want any of us posting on 'Ask the Doctors' simply say so and we will abide by the rule, however, a large, very large warning sign or notice should be posted if it's not already there.

The problem I see with this decision is that people like to have input from P.F suffers and if they post their question on the 'Doctors only board' how will they ever get responses from the general public without double posting (posting it again on the general posters site) and how many questions will be missed?

Personally I like it as is. The doctors do post their own email addresses so people wanting specific answers can get them even in a more private setting.

Just a quandary I pose.