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new doctor and physical therapy

Posted by peggy m on 11/26/03 at 16:57 (138807)

The phsical therapy is still working. But I went to my family doctor and caught him up on my condition. He advised keep going to phsical therapy. I told him I was not happy with pod. He says after I complete 3 wks of therapy to come back to him and he will evaluate and suggest another pod. or orthopedic specialist. He said sometimes it takes years to get over this. But it is still better than surgery. If will could make plantar fascitis go away, I will do it. And stretch, stretch stretch. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Re: new doctor and physical therapy

Ron B on 11/26/03 at 21:19 (138828)

I stopped stretching about two weeks ago and this has been my best two weeks. I have read where stretching can hurt PF even more if your over doing it. the only time I stretch is before I get out of bed and that is just a lite stretch. pointing toes to chest 3 or 4 times to a count of 30.
I have been using DMSO three times a day when I work. don't use it on my days off. see Scotts book he got some good results from it too. I also take MSM which comes from dmso.Lots of ideas here, some work, some don't. depends on the person. Keep reading the posts and don't give up!!!!!