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Feet are Thankful

Posted by Dorothy on 11/27/03 at 16:01 (138847)

Well, I'm sitting resting my feet and body for a little bit because everything feels like it has been 'through the wars' right now. Every year I think 'hmmmmmm, if restaurants serve these Thanksgiving dinners, there must be people who go there....' but I just can't give up yet, so we do the Big Production every year - and every year I love it all and am completely beaten by it. Nonetheless, a grateful heart is full of warmth here (and especially grateful to be sittin' for a few minutes to say hello to foot people who might be checking in..)

Julie ~ Don't you just love cranberry sauce? I could have it every day, but think that might affect its 'specialness' during the holidays. One of the best parts is viewing the berries in the bowl, just washed and glistening, then in the pan just before they burst when they are shining. They are so gorgeous. We always 'oooh-and-ahhhh' over them - then eat them up! They have been more expensive in the US the past few years, too, but I have read - much to my alarm and sadness - that cranberry producers are having a very hard time and very few are remaining. It's a shame that this wonderful fruit doesn't get its proper due in cuisine. They are so healthful, too. Do you celebrate Christmas? I have a daughter who converted to Judaism about three years ago and she and her husband, who is Jewish, do not celebrate Christmas or any of its 'symbols'. Well, I'm thinking of you in England on Thanksgiving and hope you are having a lovely day.

Max K. ~ How nice to see your name again as a poster. I have wondered what happened to you, since you 'disappeared' around the time of the 'troubles' here. So glad to see you back and hope you are well.

To anyone: What is the post about the various poisons (ivy, oak, sumac...) and a cream that the poster was expressing thanks for... HUH??
Did I miss something here?

Last comment, again to any and all: Based on Rachel's and ?was it Steve's? (I'm sorry for the memory lapse) positive comments, I have been experimenting with Brooks shoes. In fact, I have been doing a varied sneaker experiment lately. I ordered new Brooks and New Balance models from a company that gives you a very long trial period (a year)and will let you return them if they are in new condition (difficult to do). So I have been trying the New Balance model that Dr. Ed recommended just before he left and two Brooks models from Rachel and ?Steve? - their recomm. was for the Ariel (women's model) so I have tried that. I also am trying the Addiction based on the shoe company's literature about it. I will give a full review later, but so far, I also like the Brooks - but I think I like the Addiction better. Still evaluating...

Ok, folks - enough sitting and enough babbling. Back to the races! It's funny, though, I realize that you folks feel like an extended 'virtual family' to me so it seems perfectly natural to check in with you on this holiday...

Re: Re:I am thankful for cranberries!

Julie on 11/27/03 at 16:30 (138848)

Yes, Dorothy, I love them - the look of them, the taste of them. (I love cranberry juice, too.) And I always make lots, as I said, and it stays special for as long as it lasts. Goes well with applesauce, and my husband also likes it on cornflakes. And so on.

It's sad about the producers, but not surprising. It's a strange fruit - I think it requires lots of space and specialised growing conditions, and then it only crops for such a short time and must be terribly labour-intensive to pick - what do the producers do the rest of the time? Every year I think 'this must be the last year' and am always glad to see them again.

We don't really celebrate Christmas, not because we're observant Jews - neither of us ever has been - but because we don't like all the commercial fuss and bother. But I like making Christmas dinner - just like you, I can't give up the big Production. I guess it's just a good excuse for a blowout. And I love cold turkey. With cranberry sauce.

Well, enjoy the rest of your afternoon - I am on my way to bed.

I meant to say that I liked what you posted the other day. Give thanks. In all circumstances, give thanks.

Good night everybody, and happy thanksgiving.

Re: Re:cranberries and the Brooks Addiction

nancy s. on 11/27/03 at 17:20 (138849)

hi dorothy and julie: people who like cranberries and cranberry sauce are lucky, because it's something extra special to look forward to only once or twice a year. me, i can't stand cranberry sauce; i think it's the tartness. it makes me pucker and brings tears to my eyes, and my sense of taste is ruined for three days. don't know why. i know i'm missing out and have no explanation, except that we can't all love everything, i guess! julie, i'm going to work very hard to forget the idea of cranberry sauce on cornflakes. my word.

another poster here about a year ago recommended the Brooks Addiction to me (i was looking for something besides birks for beach walks, since i'd happily discovered that at last i could actually take a real walk, and my new balances weren't cutting it). took a chance and ordered the Addiction through the mail, and it was a great find! (not to mention that it went so well with my personality.) once my walk is over, my tolerance for whatever shoes i'm wearing that aren't birks is over, but i've been very satisfied with the Brooks Addiction as a walking shoe.

we had an unusual thanksgiving today. the rehab hospital my father is now in threw a turkey dinner for patients and families, on the house, which was very nice of them. the staff was impressive: they went all out. so, with quite a bit of coaxing from me and my husband, my dad finally agreed to let us take him in a wheelchair to the cafeteria for the shindig. he's having a tough time in rehab . . . but still, we all held hands and gave thanks. this was at noon and i just got up from a four-hour nap. the rest of my family, including extended family, are having a big thanksgiving gathering down in massachusetts. but we were glad to spend it with my dad in whatever way possible.

now there is football in the house via tv. maybe you'd like to be here for this part, dorothy, and i can go sit outside in the dark and stare!

oh well. i still think thanksgiving is the best holiday.


Re: Re:cranberries and the Brooks Addiction

Carole C in NOLA on 11/27/03 at 21:52 (138858)

I'm so glad that you got to spend Thanksgiving with your father, Nancy. I know that must not have been easy.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. A co-worker invited me to share Thanksgiving with her family, including her husband, kids, parents, and others. That meant a lot to me since I didn't have to eat alone.

Carole C

Re: Re:cranberries and the Brooks Addiction

nancy s. on 11/29/03 at 12:48 (138966)

a belated thank-you, carole. and i'm glad you received an invite and had a good time. otherwise some holidays can be hard enough as it is! one thanksgiving, though, i had o.d.-ed on people that month and sent my husband to my family's gathering by himself, while i stayed home and had a blast doing nothing. (actually, i think i had the flu, but i did enjoy the rest.)


Re: Re:cranberries and the Brooks Addiction

Suzanne D. on 11/29/03 at 15:32 (138984)

I'm so glad you had a happy time at Thanksgiving, Carole! And I am sure your presence made your co-worker's Thanksgiving more special as well.

Suzanne :)