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Posted by marie on 11/28/03 at 09:39 (138866)


The original practice site did have popups. Those are gone. Posts are saved for recovery purposes. It's hard to say who is who anywhere on the Internet. I would prefer that members not post the site here but it is a free world. Heelspurs is a wonderful place and will continue to be so. Please understand that this isn't a competition. I will not re-route or block a positive post about heelspurs. There is plenty of heel pain for everyone. Heelspurs is one of many forums on footpain. Many posters here will and do post on multiple forums. Disrespectful comments about heelspurs is not allowed on the new forum. I would appreciate the same consideration. I apologise for the disruption here. I do wish to keep the lines of communication open.

respectfully, marie:)