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Ankle sprain

Posted by Lee on 11/28/03 at 11:17 (138870)

I had surgery Aug 20. I had pins in 3 toes, and bone chip taken off big toe. I have been in therapy a few weeks. Well Sat night my good foot fell asleep, I went to stand up, my ankle went crunch. I could bearly walk to my bedroom. The next day I iced it and elavated it. IT was all swollen and black and blue. I had x rays mon, they said soft tissue damage. I still didnt see a DR, I had an appt wed with my podiatrist as a follow up surgery. I showed him my ankle, he brought up the x rays , examined ankle, then said..you have a 3rd degree sprain and you will be going home in a cast for 3 weeks. I am not no weight bear and use crutches. He also said, now the surery foot will have to bear the weight. I am still weak in my legs because I had pins in 6 weeks. I am so depressed. I am having a hard time using crutches, and if I dont use them right, the foot with cast hurts . He had to set foot in a special position when he put cast on. I was still in theapy , but thats over now.Is a 3rd degree sprain serious?Will I need PT again??
I am begining to think God is playing a game with me. I really need some support. I am bummed out real bad!..Thanks for listening.Feel free to write me.....Lee

Re: Ankle sprain

Dr. Z on 11/28/03 at 17:06 (138893)

A third degree sprain is a very bad injury. Casting, rest, physical therapy and time are key for a full recovery and full restoration of strength and function. Sorry to hear that you have to go thru with this.
I can feel for you . Yesterday I cracked two ribs in the Thanksgiving family Foot ball games.

Re: Ankle sprain

Pauline on 11/29/03 at 07:59 (138933)

Dr. Z,
Maybe you have osteoporosis. Men get it too. Perhaps you should get tested.

Re: Ankle sprain

Dr. Z on 11/29/03 at 13:33 (138973)

Good point. I will have it checked out. I was really hit hard and the football and ground both went into my rib cage at the same time.

Re: Ankle sprain

Lee on 11/29/03 at 23:22 (139024)

Hi again,
I am having trouble with this cast. I want to cut it off. I am not yet recovered from my toe surgery, and that leg has to bear the weight for the one with cast. My hip, back all hurt. I had some funtions to attend and I went. I am begining to think I should sit and do nothing until this cast is off. I am just really upset with the whole thing.

Re: Ankle sprain

Dorothy on 11/30/03 at 00:39 (139029)

Pauline wrote to Dr. Z that maybe he has osteoporosis and maybe you, too, should have this evaluated. To break your ankle in the circumstances that you did would raise suspicions of that kind of problem, I would think.

Second point: why are you not in a wheelchair?? Your situation sounds like an impossible one - to have two feet/ankle out of commission and to be trying to get around on crutches and all the rest. Is there some reason that you are not a candidate for a wheelchair?

I am so sorry to hear about all of these troubles you are having. I hope you can calm your mind and think of things you can do and ways of approaching these problems until you can get a better handle on them.
Good luck!

Re: Ankle sprain

Lee on 12/02/03 at 15:47 (139172)

To Dr,
I am home alone most of the time, and I am tending to walk on this cast on heel. I have to carry things and do stuff and have no help. My wheelchair is not accessable to most areas of my apt. I am having worse pain now. I have a 3rd degree sprain, am I making it worse? What can happen down the line? I am REALLY trying to use crutches, but when alone, its hard....Thanks Lee

Re: Ankle sprain

lee on 12/02/03 at 19:20 (139200)

Read the post below called 'Helpful Hints For Those On Crutches'. I personally don't think that you should be walking on it all...