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Haglunds Deformity---

Posted by Richard C on 11/28/03 at 16:37 (138887)

Please explain Haglunds Deformity---

Type of surgery --what is performed recover time and program---

sucess rate ---activity post surgery ---

Re: Haglunds Deformity---

Dr. Z on 11/28/03 at 16:51 (138890)

This is boney area on the back outside of the heel. I use minimial incision bone surgery for this problem when change in shoe gear, NSAID, or local steriod injections fail to relieve the pain.
MIS is where a small opening is used to place a rotary bone shaping burr into the incision. The procedure is done in the office under a local anesthetic. Typical pain is controlled with adavil or tylenol. Swelling takes a few weeks to a few months to go away. There are no casts, crutches or canes needed.
In my opinion this is the best way to handle this problem if you are going to do surgery. The problem is finding a doctor with experience and the skill to do this type of technique.