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Some new photos to share

Posted by marie on 11/28/03 at 18:59 (138902)

I thought a change of subject may brighten everyone's day. I just finished decorating for Christmas. I had mentioned that I would share a few photos of the inside of our old house and can't think of a better time to do it. I sculpted and created the Santas some time ago. I haven't made one in years but who knows maybe I will be inspired to create a Santa with heel spurs. He could be in a walking cast. haha.


Happy Holidays!

Re: Some new photos to share

Ellen J on 11/28/03 at 19:45 (138905)

Loved the photos and your house looks gorgeous! Also, you sure are talented to create that santa sculpture. That project must have taken a lonnnng time but I bet you enjoyed every minute of it!
Ellen J.

Re: Some new photos to share

Lari S. on 11/28/03 at 19:47 (138906)

Great pictures. We are just getting started. I love the Santas. What are they made out of?

Re: Some new photos to share

marie on 11/28/03 at 21:02 (138909)

The heads are made out of white clay that is fired and then painted. The bodies consist of dowel rods and clothing. I am not a terribly crafty person. I can't buy a kit and follow it. The clothes I designed and sewed.

Since I posted the pictures it began to snow. We now have about an inch of snow on the ground.

Lari...didn't you say you collect Santas? I collect too. I have to rotate what I put out each year. Most of the Santas I created went to charitable auctions. These were a few that I favored.

happy holidays, marie

Re: Some new photos to share

marie on 11/28/03 at 21:12 (138912)

Thanks for your kind response, Ellen.

I did enjoy making the Santas. I haven't made one in a while but may make a couple more in the future. I love creating small environments....thats why I enjoy terrariums.

best wishes marie

Re: Some new photos to share

Kathy G on 11/29/03 at 08:44 (138938)


Your house looks lovely. For reasons unknown, I cannot view pictures posted to Shutterfly except in the small thumbprints. I've tried clicking on each one, checking the mark on them and then clicking, viewing them as a slideshow and I even joined, thinking that was the problem. I use Windows XP on an HP. My daughter tried to view some pictures a friend sent her via Shutterfly on this computer and it worked but she doesn't remember what she did. Do you have any ideas?

But, that first picture, which comes up larger, shows how lovely your home looks. Having snow must make it even more seasonal but as for me here in NH, I'm glad that we are having milder than usual weather!

Re: Some new photos to share

John H on 11/29/03 at 09:17 (138946)

Marie: I love all the early American maple furniture. I have a house full of Ethan Allen. Unfortunately maple has become very scarce and expensive. I looked at a bookcase 30' top the other day and it was $750. When I bought ours it was around $150. Nice thing about hardwood maple it can survive almost anything including our 28 moves and it still looks like it did when we bought it 35-40 years ago..

Re: Some new photos to share

marie on 11/29/03 at 09:32 (138949)

The dining room table and hutch are maple. My mother purchased them from the Atlanta Furniture Co. before I was born. I have never seen a piece of furniture like it. It's nice to know the value has increased. Most of the furniture in my home came from family members and I have either retored them or maintained them. I use to work for Kittles in Indianapolis. It's a funiture store. There are many stores throughout the state now. I was able to purchase several Pennsylvania House pieces in maple for a very reasonable price.


Re: Some new photos to share

marie on 11/29/03 at 11:42 (138959)

Do you have qucktime? You may consider downloading quicktime. Some multimedia presentations require qucktime. All I can sya is try it and see if it works.


Re: Some new photos to share

Lari S. on 11/29/03 at 12:32 (138963)

Yes, I do collect Santas. We decided to just decorate the main area this year and leave the bedrooms, bathrooms and den undecorated. It was hard to decide which Santas to put out. I took some pictures to share.



Re: Some new photos to share

Lari S. on 11/29/03 at 13:07 (138970)

I had the same problem. What I ended up doing is the following:

1. Hit view pictures when it first comes up.
2. When the thumbnails come up, hit select all, then save pictures.
3. Hit select all and then enhance pictures.
4. View pictures, then delete the pictures from your account.

Hope this helps.

Re: Some new photos to share

marie on 11/29/03 at 14:48 (138978)

I love all the Santas. Your house looks beautiful. I especially liked the tree! Wow!

Thanks....I love looking at Christmas decorations.


Re: Lari and Marie...

Suzanne D. on 11/29/03 at 15:27 (138983)

Wow! What beautifully decorated homes you both have! I loved the pictures; thank you for sharing them. Christmas decorations are so enchanting.

Suzanne :)

Re: It snowed last night after I took a few photos...you can compare the difference.

marie on 11/29/03 at 17:26 (138994)


Re: Some new photos to share

Kathy on 11/29/03 at 17:57 (139001)

Absolutely beautiful! I love the oak furniture & accents!

Re: Some new photos to share

Dorothy on 11/29/03 at 18:04 (139003)

Lari ~ While the decorations themselves are very festive, what I find most amazing is that you were able to get it accomplished. That is what amazes me!

Marie's home and yours, and Marie's neighbors' homes, look so 'ready'! Did you all just do these things - or are these pictures from previous years??

We're still eating turkey and giving thanks - just slow, I guess.

Anyway, Lari, your work is an inspiration to those few of us who are clinging to the turkey and stuffing, reluctant to tackle the great 'decorating' frenzy...Our home is a big old Victorian, built in 1897, and she always gets a little coy around Thanksgiving, saying 'Oooooh, wouldn't I look pretty all decorated???' until I, reluctant to go up into the attic and pull everything out, break down and get it done - and then, yes, she looks so pretty all decorated!

Re: Some new photos to share

Kathy G on 11/29/03 at 18:49 (139005)


Thank you -- it worked! Now I can use Shutterfly just like the rest of you! What beautiful decorations! Your Santa collection is breathtaking. How long have you been collecting them? I particularly liked the one in the kitchen and the one on top of the tree. And your hutch is loaded with them, too. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I love Christmas decorations!


Your home is lovely. The inlaid floor particularly struck me as I have always loved them. You're right; the house looks even prettier in the snow! Thanks for letting us see all the beautiful decorations.

Now, a question for both of you. How long did it take to decorate and how long will it take to take it all down? Just the practical side of me talking. I find that as my physical problems increase, I put up less and less just because I know I have to take it all down and put it away! That's one of the reasons I so enjoy seeing your lovely homes!

This year I broke down and bought a prelit tree. It's still 7 1/2 feet but it only has 1,050 lights. That was the most we could find on a tree that looked real. I love lots of lights. My family says that now the lights in the town don't dim when I turn my tree on. As for my husband, he said that since I've bought this tree, they've had to remap this area for planes landing at Logan Airport. He claims our tree was one of their guiding beacons!

Re: Some new photos to share

Lari S. on 11/29/03 at 19:32 (139007)

I lucked out this year and we had Thanksgiving at our friends. Normally I cook here. Instead, I got an early start and my husband actually helped. I have an 8x10 walk in closet with all the Xmas decorations in clear plastic tubs on wire shelves, labeled by theme, and in the order that they go out. (When we remodeled in 2000 that was one of my requirements.)

Re: Some new photos to share

Lari S. on 11/29/03 at 19:45 (139008)

Kathy, I'm so glad it worked for you. It took me a while to figure it out after trying different programs, etc.

As for how long it takes to decorate, I usually start right after T'day because my husband's birthday is Dec. 6th. We usually hold an open house/birthday party the first or second weekend in Dec. We have had over 60 people here at one time. (NOT this year, another friend agreed to have it on the 6th.) I usually alternate between two themes and everything is in one closet loaded in order that it goes out. I leave the garland hooks up year round and all the garland, lights and beads are pre-marked at where they loop. I also have a pre-lit artificial tree (I am allergic to the real ones), so I have pre-cut all the ribbons, beads, etc., and they are wound in order around cardboard. If I didn't put everything away in order, I would never get it all up in time. It was actually pretty fast this year since my husband helped and we only did the front rooms. Normally I do the den and 3 bedrooms/3 baths, plus the covered patio in front, the koi pond, and the back deck.


Re: Some new photos to share

marie on 11/29/03 at 21:05 (139010)

My tree is prelit too. Actually everything is ready to go all I have to do is set it out. Some of the indoor decorations aren't specifically xmas so I leave them up until FEB. The men do the outside. My youngest has been fscinated with lights since birth. We had to take out all the lamps in his bedroom because he'd unskrew the light bulbs and put them back in for fun when he was 2. His first word was 'Yite'. He is responsible for the majority of outdoor lights. When he moves out I don't think our outdoor display will be as bright. We live across the street from the hospital. Helicopters land on the roof of the hospital all the time. I think the lights will help them locate the hospital. Just don't want them landing on our roof. :)

Because my hubby is a photographer we get requests for xmas types of backgrounds so we always have the tree up a little early. I do still enjoy Thanksgiving without decorations...except for the tree. Friday has always been the day we set things out.


Re: Some new photos to share

marie on 11/29/03 at 21:10 (139011)

I'd love to see a picture of your house. Hope you will think about sharing a photo sometime. I just love the old ones.

best wishes mare

PS: I live with three eating machines....our turkey is long gone. So I'm jealous that you are still enjoying yours.

Re: Some new photos to share

wendyn on 11/29/03 at 21:40 (139012)

Marie - what a great house!!

Re: Some new photos to share

Dorothy on 11/30/03 at 00:33 (139027)

Marie ~ Your house is a beauty. Those floors! I love the 'old ones', too, but they do take a lot of physical energy and stamina. We have 'brought back' two in our lives - one from the 1920s and this one from 1897. In between, we designed and (had) built a new house. This one now still has work to do/be done and I don't know when or if we will proceed. In all three of our house experiences, it has taken so much hard labor and my store of that kind of energy is waning. I love 'house stuff' though; it is a joy to me.
Was yours always a private, single-family home? Were the floors and woodwork as they are in your photos when you bought it? It's lovely. Our house, though built in 1897, has only had four owners and has always been a private, single-family home.
I would like to share photos but I'm just not quite as open as you are here at this point. Maybe someday ...

Re: Some new photos to share

marie on 11/30/03 at 07:17 (139034)

That's cool! I understand. Our house was built in 1902. For most of its years it was a single family home. In the 70's an optomatrist purchased the home and used the front rooms as his office. He and his wife added on a section in the back of the house. It is a large room with a loft. The loft and siding came from a 200 year old barn. There is a eall of brick. The brick is from a house that burned down some time ago. There is also a usable fireplace in that room. The corner stone and limestone used for the fireplace came from the old Methodist Church. Although it is a newer room it has great charater. That room has a seperate entrance and is my hubby's place of business.

Unfortunately the house was sold later to a couple that did not maintain it. A great deal of damage was done. The floors in the recieving room and the formal Dining room(not pictured) were damaged. We chose to carpet those rooms until we could afford to redo the parkay and inlaid pieces. It's a tedious job. The inlaid patterns are veneer. This type of flooring was popular around the late 1800s-early 1900s and was imported from Italy. Thus making it a more difficult job to re-furbish.

The wood was in fairly good shape. Paint was splattered all of it so I did have to do some cleaning. We redid the house from the roof to the basement. What we couldn't do ourselves we contracted out. It took us a year and a half. During that time we had no life. It was non-stop.

Our next house will be a condo! Ahhhhh!

Re: Some new photos to share

Necee on 12/02/03 at 13:12 (139158)

Enjoyed the pics! Marie, I can see that you appreciate antique furniture as much as I do.

I spent most of Monday storing away my Fall decorations and getting out the Christmas things. I enjoy displaying snowmen through the wintertime, and decorating the outside with white lights, lots of greenery and red bows.

Merry Christmas to all!