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How many check????

Posted by Pauline on 11/29/03 at 07:55 (138932)

I don't know about your mail, but mine has been inundated with tons of request from charitable organizations asking for contributions.

This seems to be the norm around the holidays and of course the public is by far in a more generous mood.

Before you give, how well you check the organizations or individuals where you donate money?

Have you noticed the increase in similar sounding names for the various organizations? You may think you know what or who your donating to, but a slight change in name and your money ends up elsewhere.

Please check before you write that check. Now thats a double check:*

Re: How many check????

Kathy G on 11/29/03 at 08:39 (138936)

Good advice, Pauline. My dad used to give to many charities and he could tell you which ones used the least amount of money for administration and got the money to where it was needed most efficiently. I think he got his list from the government. In November's Readers Digest, there was a similar listing.

Re: How many check????

nancy s. on 11/29/03 at 12:51 (138967)

you are on the ball as usual, pauline.