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To SUSAN with the narrow width question

Posted by Dorothy on 11/29/03 at 17:39 (138997)

Susan ~ For some reason, I am unable to post this as a direct reply to your question about narrow width feet. Pauline gave you a resource. I wanted to give you one more.

There is a shoe company called Wissota Shoes, based in Wisconsin, that sells shoes via mail-order catalog or via their website. They carry shoes in very narrow widths to very wide widths. My mother used to wear AAAA or AAAAA width, size 9, whereas I have my dad's feet - more Hobbitt-like.
Their website is http://www.wissotatrader.com . Here is what they say about their size range:

'Whether you have a regular size foot, or you have a hard time finding a proper fit, Wissota Trader is the place to do your shopping. You should never have to settle for a size that´s just close. That´s why we offer women´s sizes 4 to 13 and widths AAAAA to EEEE... and men´s sizes 6 to 20 and widths AAA to EEEEEE.
We also offer EEEEE and EEEEEE widths in a number of our top-selling men´s styles. As shoes grow in popularity, we add sizes and widths to keep up with the demand. If there´s a shoe that wasn´t available in your size at a previous time, check it again, we may have your size now. '

I hope this is helpful to you. Best wishes ~

Re: To SUSAN with the narrow width question

Dorothy on 11/29/03 at 17:53 (138999)

SUSAN ~ I forgot a favorite of mine: zappos. It is http://www.zappos.com . Great company. Great selection. They have lots of shoes in very narrow width.
Ok, that's all I have!