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Pf and fluid looking swell

Posted by Ann J on 11/29/03 at 20:15 (139009)

Hello everyone! I haven't visited in a week or so!! hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!! MY foot feels much better these days.. I have a question though. I was on my feet a lot over the holidays and where the pain usually is on the inside of the heel... there was some swelling and when I rub my fingers over it it felt like liquid... Have any of you ever experienced that? Also since I have been feeling better do you think it would be safe to gradually get back into my daily walks? I am really ready but I am afraid at the same time... ANy input would be greatly apprecitated.

Re: Pf and fluid looking swell

Jill T. on 11/30/03 at 09:23 (139044)

Ann, I have the same thing that you just described. I can't help you but I sure do look forward to hearing some responses. :)

Re: Pf and fluid looking swell

Carole C in NOLA on 11/30/03 at 15:45 (139058)

Well, you said ANY input would be appreciated, so here are my thoughts on your questions and what I would think if it were me.

First, I'm so glad to hear that your foot pain is much better than last week, despite being on your feet a lot over the holidays. PF is such an enigma. I've noticed that when I overdo, it often doesn't 'show up' as pain for a couple of days. But if you still feel better in a couple of days, then you didn't overdo and it would be cause to celebrate. :)

Swelling seems to accompany inflammation for me and for me that means possibly more PF pain. It's not a 'good thing' for me generally. I treat it by staying off my feet, by icing, by taking an anti-inflammatory, and by eating and drinking things that help me to not retain water. Iced tea, grapefruit, asparagus, and avoiding salt and carbs for a few days would be some ideas.

Don't be afraid of getting gradually back into your daily walks. Just be a lot more gradual than you would normally be, and pay a lot of attention to how your feet feel. If they feel a little worse, back off a little, and so on. There's plenty of time to build up the length of your walks, if you don't have a major setback. If you do, it lengthens the time to recovery.

Carole C

Re: Pf and fluid looking swell

Ann J. on 11/30/03 at 17:43 (139065)

Thank you very much Carole C., I always appreciate all of the peoples thoughts here on this site... And that is very good advice about the walking. Patience is really the key eh? something I always have had some difficulty with :) funny how things happen in life to kinda give you patience :) Thanks again. Ann

Re: Pf and fluid looking swell

AndrueC on 12/12/03 at 08:51 (139845)

I have had that throughout my foot problems. In fact most of the time it was pressure on that swelling or under it that caused me the most problems.

It doesn't feel like fluid - slightly more solid but varies day to day so probably is fluid. If I put my ankle across my knee and point the toes down the swelling becomes somewhat lumpy which suggests to me it's a vein related problem.

Several pods have seen it though and none showed any great interest in it :-/