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Shots and casts

Posted by Lorinda N on 11/30/03 at 08:45 (139039)

I have been reading here a little and I noticed Dr.Z mentioned a soft cast being important after cortizone shots. This being said....Why is it important?.. and if it is so...... should I be asking my pod about it. I had 2 shots in 2 weeks in my left foot and one in the right foot. The first shot in my left foot relieved the pain for about 5 days. The second round seems to have helped more. I still have some pain, but not constantly 24/7. I only agreed to the shot because I was tired... tried everything and at night I couldnt walk (though I had pain all day, by night it was nearly unbearable). I dont think I will let the pod give me anymore shots.... I did ask him,,,,, showed concern about two shots in two weeks,,,,, his reply was ' its safe, I only give up to 4 shots in a year period of time'. I have read here too, that its not recommended more than 3 in a years time...... wondering if I should try to see the other foot doc (believe hes an orthopedic surgeon) that comes to my small town. Anyone have input on this? Should a cast be placed after shots?... Should I think about seeing the orthopedic surgeon?.. whats the difference between a podiatrist and an orthopedic surgeon?... thanks for your time..... %0

Re: Shots and casts

Dr. Z on 11/30/03 at 08:51 (139040)

A local sterid injection helps to remove and or reduce the inflamation in the area that it is injected. You must reduce the strain and or abnormal forces in that area. This is done with either a soft unna boot cast. taping , and or some type of orthosis. The sucess rate is much better with the addtion of these supporting adjunctive treatments. So at least have the doctor tape the foot