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clarks shoes

Posted by Jill T. on 11/30/03 at 09:32 (139045)

Have any of you ever worn Clarks shoes. I have a pair of their clogs and I don't seem to have any pain after wearing them. Never really heard them mentioned here so was curious about them! thanks

Re: clarks shoes

Pauline on 11/30/03 at 13:05 (139053)

Clarks are my life along with my New Balance running shoes. I tried with great difficulty to get used to Birkenstocks, but their high arch support caused me a great deal of pain.

Enter Clarks, clogs and sandals. I use one pair for slippers and the others for daily wear. If I'm going to be doing some heavy walking or on my feet a lot I use my running shoes.

Like you I find my Clarks very comfortable, so I purchased several pairs.

Re: clarks shoes

Ann J. on 11/30/03 at 17:45 (139066)

Jill, I love clarks too!! It's funny I was gonna ask about them to someone!! Seems like whatever feels best on your feet is what is right. Ann