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chronic heel pain

Posted by Laura S on 11/30/03 at 14:04 (139054)

I have be suffering from chronic heel pain (PF) for about a year and a half (19 months). Nothing seems to work for me. Here is what i have tried so far: anti-inflammatories, physiotherapy, 2 cortisone shots, pain management doctor, cast on my leg, tens unit, narcotics, ice, heat, super blue stuff(a natural anti-inflammatory cream), heel cup, custom made orthotics.

Anyway right now I am trying acupuncture I have had only 2 treatments so far, but it still hurts like crazy, I am not over weight, I exercise with a personal trainer twice a week. All of it is low impact.

If you know of anything that I should try please let me know. Yes I have seen a orthopedic doctor, he told me to get heel cups for my shoes, I bought them and they seem to make my pain worse.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Laura Sellers

Re: chronic heel pain

Dr. Z on 11/30/03 at 16:02 (139060)

First I would rule out stress fracture. TTS and or any tendon injury etc. A mri with a good physical examination is in order. ESWT is an excellent treatment for chronic insertional plantar fasciitis that hasn't responsed like yours.

Re: chronic heel pain

laura on 12/09/03 at 14:41 (139658)

I have had a bone scan done early this year, it showed a heated spot.
So for I have had 5 accupuncture treatments and it has done nothing for my pain control. I was looking on the internet for ligament repair. I found something called Prolotherapy, its where they injection synthetic ligament and tendon materail at the site, it takes about 6weeks of treatments. Its suppose regrow tendons and ligaments to make it stronger. So I have seen my regular doctor today so she is going to find a doctor who does the procedure here in southern ontario.


Re: chronic heel pain

Dorothy on 12/09/03 at 15:44 (139670)

Dr. Koop was a proponent of this.