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After ESWT -No Celebrex for 2 weeks??

Posted by Jan G. on 12/01/03 at 00:26 (139075)

I had ESWT procedure Wednesday, Nov. 26. I was told to stop taking my celebrex a week prior and for 2 weeks after. Do you believe this is necessary as I have osteoarthritis in my back and knees and stopping my celebrex is frustrating. Thank you in advance for your reply!

Re: After ESWT -No Celebrex for 2 weeks??

Dr. Z on 12/01/03 at 18:31 (139112)

Interesting. How is the foot doing? I teach that it is ok in situations like yours, but I didn't do your ESWT so its up to your ESWT doctor.

Re: After ESWT -No Celebrex for 2 weeks??

Kathy G on 12/02/03 at 09:49 (139144)


I'm no doctor and you probably thought of this but if not, I'd suggest you call your doctor and ask him if it's OK to go back on the Celebrex. Two weeks is a long time to suffer with that other pain!

Good luck!