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"Birk" or "Earth" type shoes

Posted by Jenny T on 12/01/03 at 04:12 (139076)

Are Birkenstock type shoes a proper shoe to wear for good foot care? They have always felt so comfortable. From past neglect of foot care, (high heels, long hours on my feet, improper size shoes) I've had foot surgery on both feet for a torn plantar plate (two years ago), and continue to wear Birkenstock shoes. Other types of shoes hurt my feet after an hour or so. Recently, I didn't realize I was hurting my feet with a walking regime with weights on both ankles - I just knew they were sore, and I thought the soreness would go away. It didn't, and just by chance I saw an article on Plantar Facitis. This is definitely my problem, but I now wonder about the shoes I wear daily. I do appreciate any advice you can give me on this.

Thank you, Jenny T

Re: "Birk" or "Earth" type shoes

Ann J. on 12/01/03 at 07:30 (139078)

I hear they are very good. For walking I prefer new balance... but I guess it is really what feels best for you. And yeah, I heard wearing weights around ankles is no good. Sounds like your feet already know :) Have a good day! Ann

Re: "Birk" or "Earth" type shoes

Ann J. on 12/01/03 at 07:32 (139079)

I am no foot doctor!! I forgot to tell you that in the earlier message.

Re: "Birk" or "Earth" type shoes

Pauline on 12/01/03 at 09:44 (139088)

I'm not a doctor, but many people here love their Birkenstocks and do everything in them. Because of their good arch and built in heel cup design they seem to provide the solution to P.F. pain for many people.

The fact that your having pain with them now could be several reasons, the main one, as you guessed, a case of Plantar Fasciitis.

At this point, your best help will be to see a doctor, either an Orthopedic M.D. who specializes in Foot and Ankle, a sports medicine doctor, or a Podiatrist. It's really your choice. Get an evaluation and go from there.

You should also read Scott's book about P.F. on this web site and you definately will have to cut back on your walking. If you have P.F.
repeat injury by constant walking will only make it worse.

You'll learn a lot from Scott's book about all the conservative treatments you can try.

I might also suggest for the time being get rid of the ankle weights. You don't need any extra stress on the P.F. and you may also want to try a good pair of supportive running shoes.

Right now your main goal should be to check with a doctor, find a pair of shoes that will provide you with support, which could even be your Birks, and get off those feet as much as possible.

Start icing and even taping your feet. Scott's book will fill you in on these things. P.F. is a long term condition so you want to take action ASAP.

One of the latest treatments for P.F. although still a little controversial is ESWT. You will also find this covered in Scott's book as well as on the ESWT board. It has worked for some people and not for others, but is certainly is a treatment to try before you consider any surgery.

Above all please remember there is no quick fix for P.F., and the promise of a 'snip and go' surgery to cure your pain comes with no guarantee it will ever make you pain free. Before you consider any surgical intervention for a fast cure, do your homework, read the surgical board here for at least 3 months, search it and post your questions on this site for help. When your done you may agree with most of us try all the conservative treatments and ESWT first before you let anyone cut your feet.

Best of luck.