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what can i do

Posted by bluestella on 12/01/03 at 20:13 (139119)

I need help i know i sound like a broken record but i am in so much pain and i cant afford medicine let alone drs anymore. Like i said i went to the pain clinic last week after all the hassle and was told i would be left 'untreated' since i can not afford medical bills. I didnt think this was legal but i am emailing my lawyer about this. Does anyone have any advice? Should i go see a chiropractor? Could this be all that could help? The pain dr said something about the spine stimulator but i would never do that. And my foot is the problem, I am really thinking the dr just messed up my surgery since i am 10 times worse. I thought this would make me better but all i can do is take pain killers and stay off my foot. It is no way to live. I am so fed up. Please someone help me

Re: what can i do

marie on 12/02/03 at 10:47 (139150)


You really have been through a ringer here. Unfortunately there isn't a cure that you can purchase inexpensively. If you really want to get on the right medication you are going to have to find a way to afford it. You may have to give up something to find the money to pay for your medication. Some suggestions: cancel your Internet service, cable service, Newspaper, and any other non essential items. Life isn't always fair. My husband's grandmother always told me 'not to get to attached to anything you can live without because some day you may have to live without it.' Having lived through a depression I suppose she understood what sacrafice means. Give it some time.