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Happy News for Me!

Posted by Aly on 12/02/03 at 13:15 (139159)

Hi all,

I was off-line for many days and missed out on all the Heelspurs messages. Maybe one day I'll have time to catch up!

I just wanted to share with the world that my boyfriend of 4 years proposed on Saturday night! I've been waiting a long time and it finally happened. :) :) :)

We hope to find a little white church in Vermont and be married in the fall, with the colors in full bloom - if we can find a church for that time next year that isn't booked already! So if by some remote chance anyone happens to know of a nice place, do let me know.

As for the feet - I'm assuming there'll be a nice pair of New Balance or Birkenstocks under my wedding gown!! Here's to hoping no one notices!

Thanks for letting me share my happy news!! :)


Re: Happy News for Me!

Necee on 12/02/03 at 13:25 (139161)

Congratulations Aly !!
I can feel the excitment in your post, I know you must be thrilled.
After dating for 4 yrs this must be the man for you.

Again congratulations, and God bless you both as you begin a new life together.


Re: Happy News for Me!

Lari S. on 12/02/03 at 14:09 (139163)

Congratulations to you and your boyfriend. I'm sure either New Balance or Birks would go wonderfully with your wedding gown. There's nothing like happy feet at a happy occasion!

Re: Happy News for Me!

Dorothy on 12/02/03 at 14:44 (139165)

Oh, Aly! That is wonderful, happy news! I am very happy for you - and your plans sound just lovely. Best wishes to you and congratulations to your fiance - it's great news.

Re: Happy News for Me!

Rick R on 12/02/03 at 15:00 (139167)


Congratulations! Got any pointers for my daughter? It must be getting close to 4 years with the same guy. I'm thinking you're busted in Birks when it comes to the garter thing. Vermont, fall, how could you go wrong.


Re: Happy News for Me!

Suzanne D on 12/02/03 at 15:18 (139169)

That truly is happy news, Aly!! =D> Congratulations, @};- and thanks for sharing it with us!

Suzanne :)

Re: Happy News for Me!

marie on 12/02/03 at 15:58 (139173)

Oh....how cool! I am so very happy for you! This is the best news I've had all day!!!!!!! Sorry I don't know about any white churches in Vermont. We have several here in Indiana.

best wishes marie

Re: Happy News for Me!

Ron B on 12/02/03 at 16:37 (139180)

Congratulations what GREAT news!!!! If you can't find a white church. Maybe we can paint one white for you and your man !!
Well I have my first ESWT in half an hour, so I better good wash my feet I will post tonight how it went!

Re: Happy News for Me!

Aly on 12/02/03 at 16:46 (139183)

Thanks all for the warm wishes! :)

Rick & Ron - you made me laugh! And I hadn't thought of the garter thing, I'll have to consider that!! :P

Re: Happy News for Me!

nancy s. on 12/02/03 at 17:52 (139190)

i'm very very happy for you, aly! that's beautiful news. and don't you dare hide your birks under your wedding dress -- flaunt 'em! they're beautiful too! they should be noticed. educate the world. well, easy for me to say, eh? (but i believe every word i wrote.) congratulations to you and your fiance.


Re: Happy News for Me!

Carole C in NOLA on 12/02/03 at 19:27 (139203)

That's lovely news! I hope that the two of you have many, many happy years together. :)

Carole C

Re: Happy News for Me!

Ron B on 12/02/03 at 20:04 (139205)

I'm glad Rick and I made you laugh!! Don't they say laugher is the best medicine???????????????????? makes ya forget pain for a few minutes!!

Re: Happy News for Me!

Kathy G on 12/03/03 at 07:57 (139246)

Best wishes to you and your fiancee, Aly! And, in Vermont, Birks on a bride aren't uncommon at all! :D

Re: Happy News for Me!

Aly on 12/03/03 at 14:25 (139271)

Thanks Nancy! :)

Re: Happy News for Me!

JudyS on 12/04/03 at 13:34 (139345)

Aly this is wonderful news! Congratulations to you and I sure hope you find that 'perfect' church in Vermont so you can take lots of perfect photos! :)

Re: Happy News for Me!

Aly on 12/04/03 at 13:35 (139346)

Thanks Judy! The pressure's on to find a place - I have already found the photographer I want, but don't have a place / date yet so I can't book her. So many details...but it's fun. :)

Re: Happy News for Me!

Pauline on 12/04/03 at 14:56 (139348)

We have you covered if you're in need of old shoes to tie to the back of the wedding limo or carriage. Between all of us, we have enough 'good' unused shoes to cover cars for the entire wedding party. You just let us know where to send them:*

Best wishes and years of happiness.

Re: Happy News for Me!

Aly on 12/04/03 at 14:57 (139350)

LOL! Man, could you imagine how long the trail of shoes would be???! :P

Re: Happy News for Me!

BevN. on 12/04/03 at 19:14 (139374)

CONGRATULATIONS :) I am finally catching up on the board after being away for the Thanksgiving holidays , and I find your exciting news :)). That is super. You will have so much fun now in all of the planning . Keep us posted on your colors and flowers and all :x. Bev

Re: Happy News for Me!

Aly on 12/05/03 at 13:41 (139412)

Thanks Bev! :) :) I never thought I'd be into the whole wedding planning thing, but it IS fun!!