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Christmas shopping

Posted by Necee on 12/02/03 at 13:18 (139160)

Well........how many of you have completed your gift list?
I haven't even started yet! I decorated the house yesterday, so I guess today I will begin my shopping.

Merry Christmas to all.....


Re: Christmas shopping

marie on 12/02/03 at 16:01 (139174)

I have some done but still need to find a couple of special things. My youngest collects antique pocket watches so I may have to do a little hunting for that one. If any of you gals into antiques find one let me know....I could use some help.

Re: Christmas shopping

Suzanne D on 12/02/03 at 16:25 (139178)

I've been getting some things a little at a time for quite a while, but I'm still not finished. I put everything in the basement in a big plastic tub, and I need to organize and write everything down so I'll be sure and not forget something!

We did put up our tree in the classroom today. The children were so excited! I let each one choose and put up two ornaments. I have quite a store of ornaments from students through the past 24 years. Several years ago I put all my 'teacher ornaments' in a box to use at school as I was getting too many for our tree at home. I enjoy getting them out each year and remembering the children who gave them to me.

Now here's something that will make you smile: one child chose an ornament from my first year of teaching, and it was dated 1980. The child said, 'Whew! 1980! We were zero years old back then!'.

Then another child said, 'What do you mean, zero?! We were negative back then!' :D You have to love the funny things they say...

Suzanne :)

Re: Christmas shopping

Ron B on 12/02/03 at 16:41 (139182)

You can put a tree up in your class??? Thats a no-no here. no Christmas stuff allowed in our school. Dist. the church and state thing ya know
what grade did you say you teach?? well I'm heading out now for my 1st ESWT treatment. will post tonight how it went. hope your doing better

Re: Christmas shopping

Suzanne D. on 12/02/03 at 17:49 (139189)

Yes, Ron, we still can put up Christmas trees here although I know of some places in KY that do not allow any observance of holidays which have any kind of religious connection. I suppose if someone complains, it will happen here, but so far that has not happened. At Halloween, I have had several years when a student's parent would tell me that they are not allowed to observe the holiday or have any kind of paper with a jack-o'-lantern on it, etc.

I teach first grade, so of course they still get excited about Santa and pretty much everything about any holiday that comes along!

Good luck with your ESWT treatment tonight! I hope it is successful for you.

And thanks for your kind words. I meant to respond to another thread in which you replied to me and asked if I would have a two week break coming up soon. Yes, we are off for two weeks beginning December 22.

Take care!
Suzanne :)

Re: Christmas shopping

Carole C in NOLA on 12/02/03 at 19:23 (139201)

I haven't started, either. I usually prefer to decorate the house and Christmas shop at the last minute, when I'm feeling more 'Christmas-y'.

I think that this year I'll buy gifts only when I'm inspired to do so, and not out of obligation. Well, maybe. Nice idea in theory. LOL

Carole C

Re: Christmas shopping

Dorothy on 12/02/03 at 21:19 (139220)

Have you looked on EBay? Usually a good source..