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Alcohol Injections or nerve Surgery

Posted by Jim M on 12/04/03 at 21:39 (139377)

Hello all I broke my heel into a few different places at work I had surgery 1 plate and 8 screws put in this was sept 2002 after long and gruelling therpy till about june 2003 with very bad even servere pain working my way down from crutches to a cane the doc wanted to send me to a foot and ankle guy who in turn said he would have to operate take out all the metal fuse the foot to get me back to 90 percent less pain during the second operation he found a crushed nerve on the side i guess where the metal plate was so he cut it down or out fused the foot from the side to side motion etc. took out the plate and 8 screws and put in 3 new screws to shorten this up the bones heeled fine with the help of a bone stimulator but i am having nerve pain he gave me 3 options leave it be and live with it surgery (AGAIN) or alcohol injections Im not leaveing it be but would like some imput on the injections or surgery I really thank you very much for youe help it's now dec 2003 1 year and 3 monthes i really want it done for good Thanks again

Jim (email removed)

Re: Alcohol Injections or nerve Surgery

Dr. Z on 12/05/03 at 16:30 (139432)

Another option is radio frequency surgery. This is where the nerve is destroyed with radio waves. Another method is cryo-therapy. I would consult a pain management specialist who does the radio Frequency lesioning surgery.