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To Monte

Posted by Pauline on 12/05/03 at 09:16 (139394)

How are your feet since that last needle treatment? Sorry I forget it's formal name. Any increased relief?

Re: To Monte

monte on 12/05/03 at 10:15 (139403)

Hi…Thanks for asking. I have been meaning to write. But I hurt my left foot while tiling a floor on my knees. I actually sat on my feet with them plantar flexed and that causes me to over stretch the tibial tendon. So, when Dr Cozzarelli saw me, he told me I did a number on that foot. It was swollen. The swelling has gone down by about 95% now…but the pain is still there PLUS lateral column pain. I have none of these problems in my right foot. My left hurts so much, that my right foot feels normal at times.

Well….the RFL was great. I can actually walk heel to toe with my right foot and not think about it….there is almost no pain. Standing still is still a problem, but I can right an escalator standing still…..couldn't do that before.

As for the left….I am sure the RFL helped…..but these other pains are making any success that I might have had.

I do know that there are still a few spots on the left heel and maybe one or two on the right that I will go back to treat again. I will do it after the holidays and after I move into my new house. I also want to wait until my left foot gets a little better.

I hightly recommend this procedure. Trust me, If you have one or two pain spots in the heels, it can be a 100% success. I have/had mulitple pain spots and it seems to be working, so it will do better with less spots.

Anyone who wishes to speak to me, just email me and we can set it up

Re: To Monte

RACHAEL T. on 12/05/03 at 15:15 (139425)

Monte, I hear your 'excitement' in walking heel to toe. I remember that same feeling upon finally succeeding in doing the same. I am happy for you!

Re: To Monte

BrianJ on 12/05/03 at 16:22 (139430)

Monte --

Good to hear that RFL is helping you. Now that you have led the way, I'll probably be getting RFL after the holidays.

Re: To Monte

Dr. Z on 12/05/03 at 20:05 (139449)

So the arch pain is gone from the RFL?

Re: To Monte

monte on 12/05/03 at 22:01 (139459)

Hi Dr Z.

The arch pain is still there....I think it calmed down in the right foot. Not really from the RFL...amybe a little...but maybe from time too. The RFL definitely helped the heels.

The left foot has always hurt more in the arch and the heel. But we are getting it with the RFL....The problem is that I am and have been experiencing lateral column symdrome and PT tendonitis.

I just spoke to a friend of mine that had PF in his left arch and heel for 5 years. He is better now....after all those years.

This month marks the completion of 3 years for me. Maybe there is still hope


Re: To Monte

Sher A on 12/06/03 at 09:56 (139478)

Monte, in 10 words or less what is RFL? How do they do it? I go see the pod on Monday and want to ask him about it since it has helped you so much..

Re: To Monte

SteveG on 12/06/03 at 11:13 (139481)

Sher - do a search on 'Monte' or 'RFL' he has discussed the topic at length is several posts.

Re: To Monte

monte on 12/06/03 at 12:11 (139488)

Sher..here it goes...

First you identify your pain spots and mark them with a marker for 2 weeks. You must be consistant and accurate. The procedure is dependent upon the patient locating their own pain.

Then, the doctor will insert a needle into the pain spot until he is at the appropriate nerve endings. They have ways to ensure that they are in the right place. They work with untra sound and and an x-ray machine.

Then, the needle is heated to 180 degrees for 90 seconds and the nerve endings are cortarized. They should no longer recieve pain signals.

The nerve itself is not deadened or altered...it is the nerve endings. There are millions all throughout our bodies.

When done successfully, there should be no more pain in those tiny spots.

Your heels are not numb, you can feel what you walk on. You will only notice a slight numb sensation when you brush you fingers over the treated spots.

Dr Cozzarelli is great at this and he had another patient that cried because she got her life back after treatment. You can read about it under the rate your doctor section.

Sorry this is more than 10 words, but I did not want to short change you and hope you have a better understanding.



Re: To Monte

Sher A on 12/06/03 at 14:28 (139490)

Steve, I totally forgot about doing a search for it, now I feel like an idiot. Monte, I was already to say forget it until I read your very last sentence about being put to sleep during the procedure. I seriously doubt if I could handle that while awake. The regular shot is at the end of my pain tolerance, so I guess I should never work for the CIA. Alright, I'm going to have to ask about this, thanks!