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Anyone cured?

Posted by Diana A. on 12/05/03 at 12:32 (139406)

I began having foot pain 4 months ago after wearing some very high arched shoes at work. I'm a 24 year old nurse and work on my feet 12 hours 3x's a week. I haven't been to the doctor but I'm pretty sure I have PF. My symptoms are exactly what is described for PF. My pain is 5/10 in the moring with first few steps and it feels like my muscles are very tight. Throughout the day my pain diminishes. However, after resting and getting back on my feet the pain is back.

The pain has gotten better in the last 2 months and I consider myself lucky not having intense debillitating pain as some of you do. My main question is has anyone had the pain disappear and not come back? I hate to think I will have this forever. I realize it takes a long time to heal but I get depressed thinking of not being able to run and exercise as I always have. I've started streching and think I will buy a night splint. I'm so glad to have found this site and know I'm not alone. I would love to hear any success stories.

Diana A.

Re: Anyone cured?

SteveG on 12/05/03 at 13:48 (139413)

Diana - First of all, I think you should see a doctor to ensure that you do have PF. I would also read the heel pain book on this site to ensure that you are taking advantage of all your treatment options.

The vast majority of people get better i.e., are cured, but you want to treat this agressively so you don't become one of us old timers.

Re: Anyone cured?

Carole C in NOLA on 12/05/03 at 15:11 (139423)

Sure! Lots of people heal completely from PF and return to their normal lives. Doctors tell us that 90-95% of their PF patients are completely cured. Most of those who are completely cured aren't reading this message board, though... they are out enjoying life!

My pain at its worst was 9/10. After several months of self treatment and custom orthotics I was completely cured. Then I WAY overdid the same activity that gave me PF in the first place... and got a minor setback a few months ago. Now, I'd say that about 80% of the time I have absolutely no symptoms and lead a normal life. Other times I might feel some minor pain but I know what to do so it never gets very bad.

I have never been a runner in recent years, since I weigh twice what I should and have arthritis too. But I do things I normally would have done before and couldn't have ever done with PF. I am still quite conscious of things that would overly strain my PF, and pay more attention to my feet.

Yes you CAN return to what you did before. Chances are excellent that you will be able to run and exercise just as you once did. It's hard to believe that when a condition is so long lasting as PF, but it's really true.

Carole C

Re: Anyone cured?

Carole C in NOLA on 12/05/03 at 15:15 (139424)

Steve is right, though... you need to do a lot of self treatment if you are going to get better. I was able to make it a top priority in my life which is probably why I got so much better. Having a desk job helped too.

Carole C

Re: Anyone cured?

CatherineL on 12/10/03 at 11:09 (139737)


You are lucky to not have the intense high-level pain. I agree that you should go to a dr. for a diagnosis, and research alot. The best thing is to do a combonation of little things. Always wearing shoes/or birks, get orthotics, use a night splint every night with a very minor stretch, check into phisiotherapy, etc.

Doing a good combonation of daily things can get you back up and going quicker.

I had pf for 2yrs, at a very intense level. I was 'cured' last summer and am now more active than ever with no reoccurences. I still wear birks at home, and orthotics daily. I take fibro meds daily as I believe that was the reason pf developed and remained for so long.

Good luck, and I believe if you are aggressive with your combo of little things, you will do well.


Re: Anyone cured?

AndrueC on 12/12/03 at 08:43 (139843)

I'm not cured but I am now mobile to the point of not needing to think about it. I wouldn't set out on a three hour hike but I do go out for a twenty minute stroll at lunch time as/when I want and do as much housekeeping as a typical bachelor ever does :)

This time last year I was limping, putting off going to the loo for as long as possible and generally feeling quite depressed. Now I'm planning a holiday to France and have threatened to dump myself on my Brother for a gentle walking holiday next Summer. I declined (reluctantly) his suggestion of a walk up Great Gable (http://www.leaney.org/fells/w01.html) but walking along a river is fine :)

Actually I think my PF is cured but I still have the swellings at the inside base of my arches and they don't like being pressed. Luckily it's unusual for anything to press them now but obviously something isn't quite right. No one seems to know what they are. Possibly PTT except that there is no pain when using those tendons. Fluid collection? Varicose veins?

Whatever:A cure is possible but it does take time.

Re: Anyone cured?

Kathy L on 12/30/03 at 11:08 (140917)

Yes, I feel I'm cured. I did several posts in July-Oct. I reported that I had taken MSM, Coenzyme Q-10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vit-C and L-Carnitine for an unrelated surgery, and found the supplements stopped my PF pain. I haven't thought about my foot or PF for at least two months, I've returned to everything normal, and no longer wear gel pads in my shoes. I give credit to the supplements and rest. I don't think stretching helped much at all.